Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I have not too much time these days but I want to wish you a very happy spring till my new posts.... (hopefully in some days...)...
I saw these daffodils today in the street....

Ah, and this is my 100th post..... Thank you for reading me online.... :D

Textile box

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I bought 3 beautiful fabrics and I had to cut into one of them. I just wanted to have something immediately. I have found this pattern in a Tildas book, so I made this box for myself. I use little handmade flashcards in teaching and it is always a problem to keep them organized. This box is going to be on the top of my desk and it is going to be a nice place for the cards.

Fan bag

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Once upon a time..... (OK, it happened 2 weeks ago) there was a ball in the school where I teach. I didn't have the perfect clothes for a ball (as I do not often go to balls ...) so I decided to sew myself a coat.

A designer one of course, got the pattern from different places. I am not a big dress maker so it was not easy. At the end (the afternoon of the ball) it turned out that there was something wrong in the magazine's (burda) measuring table as the coat was OK but huge for me.... I became really sad and disappointed beacuse I had to unpack all the wardrobes for clothes...

At the end I found something and I had more 30 minutes (it was too early to start).

Just to make myself happy I sewed a fan bag for myself. The pattern is of the March P&Q magazine which I got as a Christmas present from my B. It is a really very small one (I love huge bags to put half of the flat in them...), but it was OK for the ball. At least it was a nice and good sewing experience for me that day and made me a bit happier.... :D
I used the rest of the fabric of the coat, machine stitched it and added satin ribbons.