Sunday, October 26, 2008

As I was in the birthday club of the Aussie forum, I sent a present last December. The rule is simple: you send a present with your birthday and address. All presents go into a hat (or something, in my imagination it is a huge magic hat) and everyone gets one on her birthday....
It is fun!
And finally my present went to Trish, so I can post a picture about it. (I didn't want to kill the surprise with posting it before...)
So here is the scarf I dyed. It is a special one with metallic thread inside, the fabric is something silky. I used different browns and some golden dye.... I hope she is enjoying it!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yesterday we had a topic meeting with my virtual (and lots of now real) friends. First we went to Buda castle (a wonderful place in Budapest - actually not my favourite) to the exhibition of the Hungarian Patchwork guild then we had the opening ceremony of our own exhibition in a library. One of the topic-ladies organized it, some of us sent quilts, others put them on the wall. Lots of us brought cakes and drinks, some presents which we had raffle with (I didn't win anything as I could not get both of my lucky tickets, just one.... the others I wanted won...sigh...).
It was very good, I really enjoyed both.
Plus I bought some fabrics, hurray! What a wonderful day!

Now I'd like to write about the only quilt which I send to this exhibition. This is my first quilt on an exhibition. I made it in a camp in the summer and now it is time to show it to you.

I have to tell you I have never made an artquilt before, so this is my first piece (and I hope not the last one).
I had a piece of fabric I dyed before. I did not like it very much but I thought it was a good background. It looked like this before ironing:

As you see it changed its colours a bit while ironing.
I thought it was good for something wet....water, sea, ocean.....

I dyed some bag batting then blow it with a hot air pistol so it got a 3D shape. I also made some beads (you can see them on the top right). It is a good game, you don't know what you get at the end. After I got the pieces I made the picture. You can see the treasure of the ocean's king on the bottom, and the hand of the thief on the top left. I added some strings as well then I sewed everything on the background. Finally I added lots of small beads. This was the most creative period and I really liked it....
The funniest part was the quilting. I machine stitched the quilt with 4 colour thread. I used black for the hand and some blues and greens for the water.
I have no picture about the totally finished quilt yet, maybe later... I try to do my best, but it did not change a lot after this moment...

And finally here is a picture about the finished quilt on the wall of the exhibition:

Yay, I got the point!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yay, finally I could sew a zip-it bag..... Thanks kdatta! She was kind enough to explain it to me many times so finally I could sew it!
She helped me in the shopping (I couldn't find such a long zip...) and with her tutorial it was not too difficult. Now I am the proud owner of this zip-it bag....
I have used it for a week and I like it, but I find it a bit small. I think the next one (if there will be) will be a bit bigger.