Present 3 - for Orsi

Monday, September 28, 2009

Orsi was my only PIF volunteer and I was very happy to make a present for her. After some not-good-enough ideas I decided to make a wallet for her. I used the same pattern as the Piano wallet, but I changed the technique which made it totally different.

I used my favourite red fabric plus this country red one. It is a very simple design, I didn't want to make it too fussy. I sewed some button flowers which fit the country design I like so much. Here it is:

Traditional dyeing party at Kicsoda

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The best thing ever (for me) is to meet other crazy ladies on a Sunday and chatting, eating, loving and dyeing fabric. We used Procion as usual (but we have new plans for the future...hihi...)
This time we decided to dye fabric and yarn (for the knitting ladies :D). I was lucky enough to get a yarn ball from Ahama, so I also tried it.
I had some awful pieces which had a washing acident last time (ah, by the way, Kdatta, I still not have those beautiful spring greens you mixed to me last time so I'll beg you to try again later, too. :)))) so I tried to re-dye them.... with more or less success....

I had a plan to which I needed the colours of the seasons. Well.... I do not feel totally successful but with a little more hep I think I can make those. Autumn is unfortunately nothing, it has no colour, it is too bright. Winter is OK, but has too much white parts. And no spring green... (Kdatta, I told you...without you I simply couldn't mix THAT green...) But summer can be OK.... I am going to change my plans a bit or finding new colours to use.

So Ladies of my beautiful Sunday:
Here are the result as I promised. I took the photoes in morning light, not an absolute sunny place.

The light part with yellows and greens:

Here are the blues and browns, thank you for the help Évi:

And the blue yarn: (they should be really different coloured...)
In real life the colours are much better but I still have probs with colours in the pictures.

Something, the second

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yay, finally it is time to show you the second secret something I wrote about. It is a purse (or wallet?) for my colleague (one of the favourites) for her birthday. We had the party last Friday night. It was cool.

J had a very old purse full of .... let's say things..... She really needed a new one but luckily she didn't get anything fit her. So I decided to make one. But it was not easy. I had to spend a lot of time on finding a good pattern which I luckily got from a friend. I had some fabric from the USA ( I ordered fabric once and I was lucky enough to get it all) which has musical instruments on. This is just perfect for J as she is a piano and organ expert. I was so happy to see her smiling!
Here are the photos:

Yay, I can show you a something!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yesterday I gave one of the presents away so I can show you something! One of the three.
Last week I went to a 'fabric shop' for fabric for my classroom decoration and I found this one. It is a 'leather like fabric' which I've never tried before. It was not very easy to sew, but my Mum was so happy it was worth the work.
And I have a black and white bag (which I think I forgot to show here) which I lended to my Mum as they were invited to a Black and White Party. She enjoyed wearing the bag and told me a lot of nice things about it.

When I saw this fabric I got the idea to make the same pattern of that magical fabric. I found a little piece of vanilla leather like fabric which I got in summer (actually it was a really very small piece, it was enough for the two flowers only) plus I used some nice multicolour thread to decorate the bag (leaf pattern - free mashine stitched) The inside part is brown musleen. It was quite a big rush and I made a mistake in the middle which I recognized when I nearly finished the whole bag, so I had to start again.... which made the whole process an even bigger rush, but finally it is ready!

Yesterday I gave it to Mum on her nameday (yes, we calebrate namedays here)
Here are some pics about it. (In real life it is a bit lighter I think)

Secret projects...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I have a friend who was absolutely not satisfied with me... She sad I was lazy to write so rarely.... Yes, I am really disappointed these days, I have no visitors, no comments.... but yes, maybe you are right... It is boring to read the same post for a week...
So yes, I really wanted to write and show you some photos, but they are secret projects for one more week. I am working on presents at the moment. 3 at the same time... I love working on more things. It is a bit dangerous as they easily turn to UFOs but when I have a new idea I am sooo excited. I usually try to not start the new project immediately but at the end I usually start something new.... I cannot change my mind. I really try but it is impossible.
And I am trying to work with Via and the FlyLady programme, thanks for the link Vacskamati and thanks Via, too!!

Everyone, have a nice next week and I am coming with new pics!
(And till that would you please leave me a comment if 1. you jumped here and want to make me happy have something you want to read here have any ideas about this blog)

Summer is over...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I could read in several blogs that summer is over with the horrible thing: the first day of the school year.... Yes, I feel the same. Another school year, everyone is sad to start again, summer is over, evenings colder, my allergy is on high level....
So it is time to show you my summer wreath (it is still on the door.... just a bit more of the feeling.... I will not change it till the real autumn with the falling leaves etc.... actually I do not like that part very much)
So this is a bit of summer with the help of Tilda. I changed the sizes but left the pattern...
Goodbye summer!