Skirts, skirts, skirts

Sunday, April 27, 2008

As I mentioned somewhere I am working on a play. I have a group of teachers and we perform a play each year for charity. It is a good way to collect money for the school foundation and it is fun during the school year for us. (And a lot of work, but let's forget it comes the worst part of the work so I try to forget it till tomorrow...)

This year we have a Hungarian comedy written by Csíky Gergely. The title is "A nagymama" (Grandma). The first scene takes place in a school (you know, in the old times with uniform and strict rules, a school for girls only) and the second in on the beach and in a hotel....

So we needed uniforms for the girls. As there is no uniform in this country (only in some schools, but it is quite rare) we had to think about it. We could find blouses (old timers...) but no skirts, so I decided to sew them.

It was a big job as I am not an expert of clothes (sewing I mean). We bought the cheapest febric we found (and I think the colour is the ungliest blue on Earth) and I started....

I found an easy pattern in Burda, and I found a "zip how to" in a book, so the first one was finished.... After the 6th piece, I am a real expert of this skirt and zips inside :D
I embroidered the girls' (colleagues I mean) names in the skirts and they were ready... The girls were so happy (they liked the embroidery the best...sigh...that was the easiest part...)

101th :D

Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's been a while since my last post....Time was just running....We had guests from 4 countries in school, than I had problems and was extremely busy with my drama work.

During the "no post time" I made these dolls. Let me tell you the background story.....

We had an exhibition with our school project I mentioned. It was about the past and future of Europe. My country got the rights of women.
We decided to make a doll queue on the 'evolution of women'.

The ideas are not just mine, we discussed them with my colleague and than I made some more thinking and sewed the dolls.

The original idea came from a picture we all have here in school in our Biology books. I try to find one on the net...
(picture was taken from
All dolls are made from cheap fabric called 'molino'. I used the same pattern for them and I designed different clothes with help of pictures. 2 ladies got wire in their legs and the housewife has an iron made of plaster.

So we decided 4 steps of the evolution:

1. The cavewoman working with her tool on an animal skin

2. Woman of housework with a child

3. A Suffragette - Votes for women!

4. Businesswoman

I am really sorry but I don't have a picture about the four ladies but I hope I will get one to publish on blog later.