March - finished things

Monday, March 30, 2009

Here are my finished things for the challange in March. This month I made lots of birthday presents. Some are the finished objects....
Mum's bag:

I have made it for my mum. I learnt the zip-it bag from kdatta but I changed some things so mum can close it. I had to add some hands for it.

It is a simple purse, the fabric is from my Aussie Advent Swap:

And this is a pencil case for my colleague who is a chocolate lover....:


Saturday, March 21, 2009

It seems I could kill my blog..... I tried to change template but it was a mistake... a huge mistake... Now I am too frustrated to be able to find and redo everything I lost so sorry but I stop doing anything with the blog for now...

I am really sorry for the links I lost ... I try to find you again....hopefully.... in a better mood .... once...

Before picture

I take place in a game of Quilt Otaku. Marisa asked us to take a photo of a handmade project then read her instructions about taking photos and make a new pic.

Here you can see my 'before picture' .
It is a holder I made for my new camera. I didn't like to take it with my in a towel or something... It was khm... embarrassing a bit....

Finished project - February

Monday, March 9, 2009

..... I wanted to say, nearly February.... I know I was a bit late but I was very busy with birthdays..... Lots of birthdays in March.... Actually the most important birthday - or let's say the most exciting was in connection with this project.
My colleagues' new born baby..... I have decided to make this baby quilt for him for his very first birthday.... He was said to be born last Thursday but luckily he was a bit late so I could finish this quilt on time. (on Saturday)

The first idea was a country quilt with farm animals... (As a teacher I wanted to make something teachable :D :D) But I couldn't draw the mouse and my B decided to look for pics on the Net. I have found the 'mouse on Mars', I drew it and then a Hungarian character, Frakk the dog came. So I changed the original plan (in January) and I used the figures of the tales from our childhood (I mean our childhood with the young parents).

I wanted to use the tale equivalent of the farm animals, but as you can see I couldn't (I had so many ideas)... Tiger is the favourite of the young father, Tom is his name too and he likes bears....

I used flanel for the backing and thick vlies inside. The quilt is applique but I machine embroidered Tiger's stripes. I quilted some of the background (free machine quilting) like the tree, stones, clouds etc.

Then on the blue stripes I quilted with blue thread. I am really proud of it! I think it is 85x105 cm, but I am not sure as I forgot to measure it! (I think I will have to ask them to measure it for me later...)

As you know I do not make quilts (very rarely only) so I am really proud of this one. He liked it, I hope she and the little one will, too.