The biggest little hearts

Sunday, January 17, 2010

This is a present I want to show you. And a little story behind:

There were two sweet little girls going to the same school. They had an English teacher. Just before Christmas they learnt Christmas words and a bit about the English traditions. Among the pictures there was a gingerbread man. The teacher mentioned her favourite was this little brown creature. The two little girls went home and baked Christmas cookies together. They made this little cookie for the teacher and they 'draw' a gingerbread man on it. And have you noticed the little hearts around? :D

Christmas 2009

Sunday, January 10, 2010

After the first (extremely busy) week I have to write the last post of 2009. This is the summary of Christmas time and mostly sum of the whole holiday period. Actually it was much better than I can show in the pics, but I really wanted to write lots of posts and got lost because of my tasks...... Most of the nice yummies were not made by me but my mum and friend. The normal food was made by my B. How lucky I am! With these amaizing people around! Now let's go back to my studies. I hope you and I will have a fantastic New Year!

Summary of 2009

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Here comes some important things from 2009 which were to post before Christmas of before New Year but I failed (as usual) so they are here at the beginning of this New Year.

First of all: Here is my Advent Calendar from Tina, Australia..... open... It was a magic Advent. Thanks for you, Tina!

And here is the final present I got on the 25th December from Tina, too:
This was present no.1 which is a handmade mistletoe banner, part of my Christmas decoration:
This is an amaizing thing (one of the pressies) I ahve never seen before: An apron, DIY with instructions and pattern printed on fabric. I am sure, I'll sew it for the next Christmas! :D

And here is the present I sent to Lenke in Ahama's 'Karácsonyi húzogatós' game:

And here is what I got from Márta, who was absolutely gorgeous with finding out what I like:

Thank you Ladies! Have a Happy New Year and a wonderful advent in 2010!

Happy New Year!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Dear Blogging Friends!

I hope your Christmas was wonderful, holly and jolly (like this) and you are going to have enoguh time in the New Year to have a rest after Christmas. I'd like to wish you a Happy, Cheerful, Healthy, Funny and Lucky new Year for 2010!