Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Still in the middle of preparation...Yes, I am a last minute person - and currently not on my laptop, so pic later...Sorry.... :)
But I'd like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas all around the world!

Mindenkinek Nagyon Boldog Karácsonyt kívánok! (Én még mindig ünneplésben és előkészületekben, mert igen, kissé rtalán utolsó pillanatos vagyok...) Élvezzétek az Ünnepet! :)

Busy Christmas 2.

Monday, December 21, 2009

As a little helper of Santa Claus I also did some china painting. For the first time. It was very easy, just a pencil, the plates and me. I painted snowmen and snowflakes to our best friends as they love them. Then I baked the plates for 90 minutes and that's it! I hope you like them too!

Busy Christmas

Sunday, December 20, 2009

It seemed I did nothing in the last few weeks.... Among my exams I did a bit of craft... Only small things... And as I took the pictures when I was at home (very early in the morning when it was still dark) they are not too good. I am really sorry about them.
So the first crafty things were the postcards. I am not an expert card maker but here are the ones I sent to friends all around the world.
The favourite colour this year was blue and I made 2 traditional ones (green and red).
I hope they arrive to my friends soon!

Advent calendar

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So my Advent calendar luckily arrived from Australia.... Hurray! I opened the huuuuuge envelope and saw these treasures:

Then I made my Christmas 'table' (actually it is a suitcase) and put all the presents there..... Aren't they beautiful? I am the luckiest person in the world! Thank you Tina!!!!

Advent again

Sunday, November 29, 2009

It is the time again...

I cannot believe it, it is Advent! The first Sunday was wonderful... A bit of chat with my crafty blog-friends then some time with my B, a bit of sewing (and I try to forget all the horrible things happened today in connection with exams, homeworks, books to learn and so on..)

Yesterday we spent the day with my best friend in totally Christmas mood. I enjoyed it so much!

On the way home it was high time to decide what kind of Advent wreath we would make... I was thinking and thinking... And then a beautiful picture came into my mind with snow, ice, polar bears, snowflakes. I wanted to make my polar friends happy so I decided to make a wreath matching the winter curtain in the kitchen (which is still in the wardrobe but I am going to change it soon.... I promise...)

So this is a blue- white- snowflake wreath, a very new design. I have never made anything crazy like it, but finally I was satisfied.... when I came home with it (it was still hot because of the hot glue...) a bit before 1 o'clock in the morning, my B was sleeping so he couldn't see it. He got up earlier than me today and took some wonderful pictures.... :D And made me happy in the morning with it.

He said something like this: When I saw the wreath these things came to my mind: coffee and biscuits in wintertime. Here is his pic:

WV Minibus - a big dream in small

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just 40 days until Christmas and I am still busy with birthday and nameday presents....
I didn't forget the October UFO but it is still a secret (just about 4 days), it is a birthday present....
I am in Christmas 'work'... I have already sent the advent swap parcel to Oz. I hope it has already left Europe...
So here is a bit of Christmas just to start this period :D I wrote these words some days ago...Then I did not have time to put them on (I have too much homework these days...) Then this day started....

So this was the birthday of my dear colleague who got this present. His big dream is to have a WV minibus so I tried to help somehow.... I found some good pictures and a modell pattern which helped me with this project. He was so happy to get it! I am really very happy now after his birthday dinner with other colleague-friends. Hey, see the minibus! (Actually it was a surprsie even for me when I finished... It is about 40 cm long and 20-25 cm tall. It is a pillow filled with silicone filling. I hope you like it, too!
And yes, this was the October finished project:

After Halloween

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I am in the middle of pumpkin carving and cooking.... Just 2.5 hours till the guests are coming... Photos tomorrow!

Everyone, have a happy Halloween!

More Halloween

Friday, October 30, 2009

I got up in the morning and I decided to start Halloween program immediately. I formed these marzipan figures to the cakes.... Soon a plan of another cake came into my mind. Won't be three deserts too much? Let's see.... I am sure we'll need a cake for the spiders...But what about the ghosts?

But to tell you the truth it was not a big work this morning as I got the marzipan from a confectionary....

Here are the spiders:

And the ghosts:
Have a happy day!

Halloween is continued

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I 'made' some more decorations.... Not much, but I wanted to post something Halloweenish today as well :)

So this is the welcome suitcase at the door. I think Sir Henry matches Halloween as he is a black cat but unfortunately he is not spooky enough.... At least he likes guests....

And I renovate last year's wreath and added some extra pumpkins to it. This is for today :D

Halloween time starts....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I mean, started.... When I made these invitations to my halloween guests. Did I mention that I love the orange-black combo.... with spiders?

Adventures of my ice cream balls

Monday, October 26, 2009

The story began in September when we had the Procion party at Kicsoda's. We worked with fabrics but the knitting ladies decided to dye yarn. I got a big yarn ball from Ahama so I tried to dye too. I used Kicsoda's bowl and hid my little pieces in them. She washed mine too and on Friday she brought them to me to the meeting.
They were beautiful, I loved them in the first moment. We made little balls (this is all I had.... yes, I am wondering now why I didn't make more...) and they were like ice cream balls.
Do you agree?

The only thing seemed 'makeable' was a short scarf. Kdatta gave me the idea about her short scarfs so I made one.

I tried it on but my B was not very happy with it and neither I when I looked into the mirror.

So I decided to start again with a normal scarf. But the first one was too wide so the yarn seemed not enough. Then I started again.... This is the 5th version I made at the weekend.

It is wide and long enough to wear (I think).
And yes, it is very simple but I like it. (With home coloured yarn you do not want to use a complicated pattern, I think it is colourful enough - at least for me.)

The only problem: the edges. I followed the 'inverse before the last' rule but it is still not good. I really do not know what to do with them.....

Wedding present

Saturday, October 17, 2009

This is an old topic in a new post. On the 3rd Oct one of my friends had her wedding. She is a really nice girl and I'll never forget what she did for me on my wedding. She is a good musician playing the flute but she was nervous all the time playing solo in the church. But as a present I got a wonderful flute solo. She played Ave Maria on my wedding and I started crying I was so surprised and happy seeing what she did for me.

Now it was our time to give her a present so our choir stood together after about 5 years and we sang during the ceremony. It was something like travelling in time plus I was happy to do something for her. This is a small something I sewed her as a present.

It is a 'Home blessing'. I got one for my wedding from another friend's mum. (It was a small paper one and it is still on our fridge.... I can remember I. all the time I see her present).
So the idea came and I started to sew. I used my favourite kitchen combo (the 3 fabrics together). Luckily I had some leftovers so I could start quickly and finish before the wedding! (Amaizingly this time I was not in a hurry).
I hope she likes it.

Australian chocolate cake

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Years ago we got an Australian cook book from my brother-in-law. There are wonderful recipes in it. I found this some weeks ago when I wanted to bake something for my colleagues' birthday. I changed the recipe a bit, here is my version.

125 g butter (vaj)

165 g caster sugar (porcukor)

2 eggs (tojás)

1 teaspoon vanilla essence (vanilia kivonatot használtam)

80 g blackberry jam (áfonyalekvár)

165 g flour (liszt + 1 csom. sütőpor)

60 g cocoa powder (kakaópor)

1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda (szódabikarbóna)

250 ml milk (tej)

Chocolate buttercream

50 g dark chololate, chopped (étcsoki aprítva)
25 g butter (vaj)

3 teaspoons cream (tejszín)

30 g icing sugar (porcukor)

1. Preheat the oven 180 Celsius. Grease the base and sides of a deep 20 cm square cake tin and line with baking paper.
1. Melegítsd elő a sütőt 180 fokra. Vajazz ki egy 20 cm-es négyzet alakú tepsit és béleld ki sütőpapírral!

2. Beat the butter, sugar with electric beaters until it is light and creamy. Add the eggs gradually. Add the van. essence and jam until combined.
2. Elektromos robotgéppel verd fel a vajat és cukrot, amíg világos és krémes nem lesz. Add hozzá egyenként a tojásokat, majd a vanilia esszenciát és a lekvárt, míg összeáll.

3. Transfer the mixture to a large bowl. Using a metal spoon, fold the combined sifted flour, cocoa and soda alternately with milk. Stir until the mixture is just combined and almost smooth.
3. Tedd a keveréket egy nagy tálba. Egy fémkanál segítségével keverd bele a lisztet, kakaót és szódabikarbónát tejjel felváltva. Keverd, míg összeáll és sima lesz.

4. Pour into the tin and smooth the surface. Bake for 45 minutes, or until skewer comes out clean. Leave in the tin for 15 minutes, then cool on a wire rack.
4. Öntsd bele a tepsibe és simíts el a tetejét. Süsd 45 percig, vagy jó sütéspróbáig. Hagyd a tepsiben 15 percig, majd hagyd hűlni egy rácson.

5. To make the buttercream, combine the chopped chocolate, butter, cream and sugar in a small pan. Stir over low heat until the mixture is smooth and glossy. Spread the chocolate buttercream over the top of the cake with a flat-banded knife.
5. A csokikrémhez tedd az aprított csokit, vajat és cukrot egy kis lábosba. Alacsony hőfokon kevergesd, amíg egységes és fényes krémmé szelídül. Egy lapos kés segítségével kend a tortádra a krémet. Nem klasszikus édes torta, keserűkedvelőknek ajánlom! Édesítésként tettem rá a habot. Jó étvágyat!

Old jumper

Friday, October 2, 2009

This is a jumper I wore once. I was a college student when we had a kind of knitting magazines I liked. (It was a German one published in Hungarian only for half a year or so...) I found this pattern there and the phylosophy lessons were just perfect to knit it (we had a very clever teacher, I think she should have been very clever but awfully boring..... It was not easy to not sleep, but knitting helped as it kept me awake and I was able to make notes while knitting...)
So I kitted this patchwork jumper (at that time I didn't know what pw was...). I had to make the little squares and then sewed them together.
I started it too late so it was hot when I finished, and I waited for the next winter and then the jumper finally I didn't wear it......
2 years ago I found it, (it was too small - unfortunately) but there was no people around me to give it to. But the daughter of my sweet colleague grow a lot in summer it fits her now. I was so happy she liked it. (She is in it since she got it even when they danced :) )
I quickly made a pic on the last night when it was in my home:

Present 3 - for Orsi

Monday, September 28, 2009

Orsi was my only PIF volunteer and I was very happy to make a present for her. After some not-good-enough ideas I decided to make a wallet for her. I used the same pattern as the Piano wallet, but I changed the technique which made it totally different.

I used my favourite red fabric plus this country red one. It is a very simple design, I didn't want to make it too fussy. I sewed some button flowers which fit the country design I like so much. Here it is:

Traditional dyeing party at Kicsoda

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The best thing ever (for me) is to meet other crazy ladies on a Sunday and chatting, eating, loving and dyeing fabric. We used Procion as usual (but we have new plans for the future...hihi...)
This time we decided to dye fabric and yarn (for the knitting ladies :D). I was lucky enough to get a yarn ball from Ahama, so I also tried it.
I had some awful pieces which had a washing acident last time (ah, by the way, Kdatta, I still not have those beautiful spring greens you mixed to me last time so I'll beg you to try again later, too. :)))) so I tried to re-dye them.... with more or less success....

I had a plan to which I needed the colours of the seasons. Well.... I do not feel totally successful but with a little more hep I think I can make those. Autumn is unfortunately nothing, it has no colour, it is too bright. Winter is OK, but has too much white parts. And no spring green... (Kdatta, I told you...without you I simply couldn't mix THAT green...) But summer can be OK.... I am going to change my plans a bit or finding new colours to use.

So Ladies of my beautiful Sunday:
Here are the result as I promised. I took the photoes in morning light, not an absolute sunny place.

The light part with yellows and greens:

Here are the blues and browns, thank you for the help Évi:

And the blue yarn: (they should be really different coloured...)
In real life the colours are much better but I still have probs with colours in the pictures.

Something, the second

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yay, finally it is time to show you the second secret something I wrote about. It is a purse (or wallet?) for my colleague (one of the favourites) for her birthday. We had the party last Friday night. It was cool.

J had a very old purse full of .... let's say things..... She really needed a new one but luckily she didn't get anything fit her. So I decided to make one. But it was not easy. I had to spend a lot of time on finding a good pattern which I luckily got from a friend. I had some fabric from the USA ( I ordered fabric once and I was lucky enough to get it all) which has musical instruments on. This is just perfect for J as she is a piano and organ expert. I was so happy to see her smiling!
Here are the photos:

Yay, I can show you a something!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yesterday I gave one of the presents away so I can show you something! One of the three.
Last week I went to a 'fabric shop' for fabric for my classroom decoration and I found this one. It is a 'leather like fabric' which I've never tried before. It was not very easy to sew, but my Mum was so happy it was worth the work.
And I have a black and white bag (which I think I forgot to show here) which I lended to my Mum as they were invited to a Black and White Party. She enjoyed wearing the bag and told me a lot of nice things about it.

When I saw this fabric I got the idea to make the same pattern of that magical fabric. I found a little piece of vanilla leather like fabric which I got in summer (actually it was a really very small piece, it was enough for the two flowers only) plus I used some nice multicolour thread to decorate the bag (leaf pattern - free mashine stitched) The inside part is brown musleen. It was quite a big rush and I made a mistake in the middle which I recognized when I nearly finished the whole bag, so I had to start again.... which made the whole process an even bigger rush, but finally it is ready!

Yesterday I gave it to Mum on her nameday (yes, we calebrate namedays here)
Here are some pics about it. (In real life it is a bit lighter I think)

Secret projects...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I have a friend who was absolutely not satisfied with me... She sad I was lazy to write so rarely.... Yes, I am really disappointed these days, I have no visitors, no comments.... but yes, maybe you are right... It is boring to read the same post for a week...
So yes, I really wanted to write and show you some photos, but they are secret projects for one more week. I am working on presents at the moment. 3 at the same time... I love working on more things. It is a bit dangerous as they easily turn to UFOs but when I have a new idea I am sooo excited. I usually try to not start the new project immediately but at the end I usually start something new.... I cannot change my mind. I really try but it is impossible.
And I am trying to work with Via and the FlyLady programme, thanks for the link Vacskamati and thanks Via, too!!

Everyone, have a nice next week and I am coming with new pics!
(And till that would you please leave me a comment if 1. you jumped here and want to make me happy have something you want to read here have any ideas about this blog)

Summer is over...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I could read in several blogs that summer is over with the horrible thing: the first day of the school year.... Yes, I feel the same. Another school year, everyone is sad to start again, summer is over, evenings colder, my allergy is on high level....
So it is time to show you my summer wreath (it is still on the door.... just a bit more of the feeling.... I will not change it till the real autumn with the falling leaves etc.... actually I do not like that part very much)
So this is a bit of summer with the help of Tilda. I changed the sizes but left the pattern...
Goodbye summer!

Finished project -August

Saturday, August 29, 2009

This is nearly the last day of August, so it is high time to show you my finished project..... I liked the idea od the quilllow so much I made one more.... One for my B to ba able to travel with it... My B likes spiders and I like Halloween and orange, so this fabric was the best one I found in the shop. I used simple black with it.
This time I was a good girl and used Evi teacher's Bento box technique without changing everything. I wanted to finish it in the camp but unfortunately I couldn't (I would have needed one more night).
The best part (the one I enjoyed the most) was the quilting part. I decided to use spider webs and found an orange thread (silky bright). It was fun. I started with the pillow part then quilted the huge spider webs. Finally I quilted some spiders with black thread to the Bento box blocks.
My B was happy with it and I think it suits him very much.

I really hope you like it, too.

Karcag - the only project I finished there....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In the camp we made a key-holder with Beugrólány. We had a pattern (which I changed of course) of a street.... I designed the little houses and appliqued them with machine I used some embroidery, too. I used free machine stitches on the bottom (the street)... We bought the frame and painted it...
We had the 'wire' which we made into holders....
Here is mine ( I really have to learn how to take good pics....):

After the camp.....killed UFO - July

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I spent a wonderful week in Karcag with half of our topic, too.... In the fisrt part of the camp teacher Evi forced us to make a quilllow..... I have told you several times that I am not for making quilts.... not at all..... But this is a great idea, it seemed funny for me.... So, here you are: my first quilt!!!! (and luckily I managed to finish it in July so this can be the July project.....sorry for the long break, I had no pic than no time to complete this post....)

It should have been a Bento Box quilt but as usual I changed things a bit to make something unique, so I simply designed the quilt in a different way.... I know it would have been easier to sew this pattern with the log cabin technique but I wanted to learn at least the way of Evi's project so I used the Bento Box technique....

I used two yellows as the shop ran out of the one I wanted, plus the green (a very tricky one, I had some problems with that fabric) and a cheap IKEA yellow for the background.

As usual I quilted in with Evi's Bernina and I free stitched it... That was fun, you know, just drawing with the machine... I really enjoyed it, but for the arms it was like being in a gym.... But I am sure you all know it...

This picture was taken in Karceg when we tried the block orders.... Evi taught a method which made our life easier.... We put all the blocks on the floor and took a picture with a digital camera of them then looked at the 'quilt' on the camera.... Looking at a small pic was a good idea, we could make decisions easily... So here is mine:

As I mentioned before I am a slow sewer so I could finish the quilt but I could sew the pillow part only on the train....
Here is my quilllow in quilt form at home:

And here is my quillow in the pillow form:
The colours are quite different in the pics, the first one is the closest...


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just back from the patchwork camp which was awesome and the guildmeeting (at lake Balaton this year) which was hilarious!!!!!
Happy and a bit tired.....
Nothing much happaned in the last week, but before that I started a lot of things (in the pw camp in Karcag) but finished only one..... Now it is time for finishing them before they become UFOs forever...
I still have no pic about the July finished object but coming soon...:)

This was a small something which I made..... I got this T-shirt from a colleague and te fabric was too thin (transparent a bit)... so I decided to draw on it a bit with my sewing machine....
Here is the result...:

Ice cream weekend 1.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

This is the time of ice creams for me I think..... (poor trousers and skirts..... ) I found a recipe on Fűszer és lélek blog which was a kind of drink. We (with my B) decided to make ice cream istead of a drink so we changed some things, but I think the original recipe can be also good.
Here is our recipe:

Melon ice cream with gorgonzola:
1 melon (normal sized but very nice one) - stick mixered
2 dl cream - half mixered
5 dkg gorgonzola - cut with a fork and add to the cream
1 pinch salt

then mix everything and put it in the ice cream maker.... I cut some tiny little melon cubes and added it to the mixture while it was in the machine. Enjoy!
And thank you Eszter for the original idea!

PS: Unfortunately there is no picture about it (yet) as I have no camera at the moment....

(Not easily) killed UFO - June

Friday, July 17, 2009

I know it is an absolutely late post, but this summer is 'an always late' one....

So this is my sewing bag..... I started in a patchwork camp last summer and since then it was a pain.... I wanted to sew it but then I overcomplicated it, so.....
But I finished it this week... I know it is July now but I had so many things to do.
OK, no more excuses, here is the bag. Actually it is a plastic file covered with fabric.... The inventor is Dióhéj and my mentor in this thing was Méhike...
I used my favourite star textile for the outside part and I embroidered my name for the back page.

The fabric inside are my treasures from Wales and Luxemburg... (this was a good enough place for them). The scissor holder and the needle holder can be removed and used alone. (By the way the needle holder is a Tilda design). (sorry it is an awful picture taken during the sewing process......)
It is not packed yet and I have to add one more thing (an iron place), but I have to finish it this weekend as the bag is coming with me to the patchwork camp next week.

7 things....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacskamati asked me to take part in this 'game', and I was so embarrassed to forget it, so no more excuses... It is high time to write 7 more things about me....
Hmmm... it is not an easy thing at all.... but let's try .... and I am sorry if I've already mentioned some of it.

1. There were 3 jobs I always wanted to have (and some more...khm.... funny ones... which I do not write about this time...) teacher, actress and tourist guide..... I can live without the last one but I think I need the first 2.... The only way I can imagine life without school is when I can stay on the stage..... but I think it is too late.....

2. I am a strange person (I think). I did lots of 'interesting' things (eg. diving) at my young age but didn't do trivial things (eg. going to a pop concert)...

3. I love all handcrafts. I cannot crochet... I always forget how to do it and when I want to make something, I learn the waqy to make it, and in some weeks I forget everything again....
There is no problem like this with patchwork, knitting, embroidery, decoupage, jewellery making etc....

4. I have looooooots of energy for a long time (like 5 months or so), then I just lay in an amrchair for days without doing anything..... isn't it abnormal?

5. I hate being in silence (yes, I can imagine your face and laughs) so I always have to have something noisy around me, like radio or TV... I couldn't study without my radio when I was a pupil.

6. I love bags.... very much.... I want to have a lot, but then I am too lazy to change them day by day, so I always have an actual favourite for some weeks (or months) then I change....

7. I am too slow as I do too many things at the same time, so I will not ask anyone to write about the 7 things....
But I loooove coffee (I blame my B for it!) and I got this frappé this morning before he wnet to work.... I am the luckiest patchwitch on earth :D

I hope Vacskamati, you enjoyed reading it, and I am sorry for the long waiting......

An amazing morning

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today it was high time to defrost the freezer so we decided to skip the shopping. I wanted to use only the food from our fridge before switching off the machine. Here are the things I found:
cottage cheese, milk, egg and some chocolate sauce I made some days earlier, cream and strawberry in the freezer.
Ah and the ice cream maker was in the freezer, too! (surprisingly :D )
So we made 3 things:
coffee of course

and strawberry ice cream.

And here are 2 more pictures:

the 'ice bed' (jégágy) I mentioned in a previous post

The ice cream maker for Kicsoda. Do you have the same machine?

Black and white party

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I had a free night on Friday so I decided to have a black and white party. I have to tell you it was not an easy project to organize. Actually it seemed much worse as it was. It is a very good way to improve your creativity.... I decorated the living room and dressed all furniture in black and white, all the guests had to wear black and white clothes and we had black and white food and drink (unfortunately I was not a good barista, so the black and white latte came brown too soon....) And we had some more things which I forgot to take picture of.

Recipe: the coffee ice cream

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finally here is the recipe of my coffee ice cream (2 posts before this...). The original recipe was taken from Elise, we changed only small things... But I have to write it in Hungarian as the original version can be read by the English speakers....

Kávéfagyi (az eredeti Elisénél, ez a miénk kis változtatásokkal):
1. Másfél bögre tejbe beletettem fél bögre fruktózt (megjegyzem, ez is nagyon sok, csak negyed bögrényit tennék, ha most csinálnám), egy csipet sót, fél bögre tejszínt és másfél bögre egész kávészemet. Én kubai kávét használtam. Igen, jól látjátok, egész kávészemeket, és itt kell megjegyeznem, hogy csak óvatosan, mert 1. az íze igen kávés lesz (nekem ez csupa pluszpont) 2. a koffein is átszivárog a fagyiba, nem is kevés, úgyhogy jól meg kell gondolni ki, mikor és mennyit...
Ezt az egészet melegíteni valami lábosféleségben, csak gőzölgésig, nem kell főzni!!!! Befedve hűlni hagyni kb. 1 órán át.

2. A maradék 1 bögre tejszínt jégágyra tettem (sok jeget egy küblibe és arra rá a másik fémküblit, amiben a tejszín van.... így kellemesen hűl a drága...), és már ekkor odakészítettem egy szűrőt (merthogy ezt mondta a recept...)

3. Újra felmelegítettem a kávészemes kotyvalékot (még mindig nem kell forralni!) Közben, hogy ne unatkozzam egy újabb pitliben felvertem az 5 tojássárgáját. Ráöntöttem a kávészemes kotyvalékot (itt erősen kell figyelni, hogy fokozatosan öntsem és ne főjenek meg a tojások, az nem igazán lenne sikeres fagyikészítésnek nevezheő ha kávés rántotta alakulna a tálban...) és összekevergettem. Ja, és vissza a lábosba!

4. Közepes hőmérsékleten kevergetve főztem kb. 10 percig, amíg besűrűsödött.

5. A besűrűsödött fagyikezdeményt a szűrőn át beleöntöttem a jégágyon pihengető tejszínbe, jól odanyomogatva a kávészemeket a szűrőhőz (na nem azért, hogy kilyukasszam a szűrőt), hogy minél több íz menjen a fagyimba. A kávészemek ideje lejárt, mehetnek a kukába (persze én megpróbáltam elrágcsálni, mert alapvetően szeretem a kávészemeket rágcsálni, de borzalmas lett, nemcsak az íze főtt bele a fagyiba, de az állaga is kimondottan gumis lett... nem ajánlom senkinek). Mehet a fagyiba a vanilia (én vanilia pasztát használtam 2 késhegynyit, de a vanilia rúd bele gondolom pont ugyanilyen jó...) és a negyed teáskanálnyi őrölt kávé (én mozsárban törtem, így aztán hosszan tartó mennyei illat lengte be a lakást jó darabig...).

6. És ezután ment az egész a fagyigépbe, mi pedig szájtátva bámultuk, mi fog történni... Alig tudtuk kivárni, míg végzett, és aztán nagyon gyors kanalazással elpusztítottuk az egészet....
Na jó, nem egy gyors recept és sokat is kellett mosogatni, de NAGYON FINOM volt!

Jó bíbelődést és jó étvágyat!
Van valakinek jó fagyireceptje????


Saturday, June 27, 2009

I finally left school on time this week so I could go to that little 'shop' what Pjulcsy mentioned before. I know there were some more cheap things before but I am very happy with those many-many zips and thread. I can greet summer with sewing now!
Thank you very much Pjulcsy!