Things with roses

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last week I was very busy with sewing (I know I mentioned it before, but I did not show pics)
My colleague and friend had her birthday.... Actually it was in summer, but in July the timing was simply not good enough for a celebration. Plus my sewing machine did not work which made things more complicated.....

So we decided to make her a total surprise, so we went to a concert in a bar-like place (she did not suspect anything at all).... Then suddenly the drinking and talking turned into a birthday celebration....

She made me totally surprised when she saw her presents....she started to cry....(I have never seen her crying...)...hopefully because of happiness....:)

Yes, she was very happy... And me too...

The 'main present' was this bag, as she loves roses:

I made a Tilda rose if she wants to put something on her bag, but she can uses it anywhere:

I decided to make a small purse from the remain fabric:

Finally I made a pencil case as well and I embroidered her name in it (OK it was not me but my Janome friend.:D..)


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I and my B took a lot of pictures about my classroom but I shared only two with you.... Here are some more to see.

The first one is something like a sign. In my school there are bourdon signs with golden letters on them next to the doors of the classroom. But we usually have 2 classes per year so this time one sign was missing (of course ours), so I decided to make one from fabric.

This one is a house.... I am going to make a tree too. (Unfortunately I am not very good at drawing so I have to wait for a colleague to draw the small version for me... (I can enlarge it later at cut it out of cardboard paper) We are going to decorate the house (and the tree) during the seasons. I think it is easier for the kids to follow the changes of the seasons and the weather...

On the back wall there are the pictures which help in teaching letters... (They our parts of the method we use in our school so I have no choice, I have to put them on the wall....) I designed some little houses and my colleague cut them.... There will be pictures in the windows but we are still collecting them....

I window painted some of the houses on the windows as well.... We have 6 windows so I had a lot of places to decorate.

And I made a big kite as I didn't want the sun to be alone....

I know some pics are missing... I am going to take some more and post them....

Here again

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Unfortunately I was too busy with sewing I had no time for blogging. I am not too clever to do both....

But now I am back.

As some of you know there is a nice lady who organized charity sewing for orphan children in Deva. You can read more about it on this blog: szeretetvarazs
I went to the post office yesterday with some little things. Here you can see the things I made:

I know it is not too much but I made them with love. I hope the children will like them.

Busy time

Friday, September 5, 2008

I am back in blog world and hopefully I will be able to stay....

The schoolyear started this Monday which means extremely much work for me as I have a class of little ones this year. Last week I made lots of decorations into the classroom. One of them is a funny sun. It is made of a huge styrofoam box and carboard paper. It is hunging above the children.

And of course I still have things to do...

I got a new camera (thanks B!!!!) so I can show you some pictures as well.

Finally I can show you the project of "Guess what!". It is a timetable which was made for the little ones. As they cannot read I used pictures for the subjects. Timetable is not fix all the time so I put velcro on the little pictures so they are exchangeable.