Finally :D

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yay! After finishing my exams (nearly... the last state exam is the only one to pass....) I tried to relax a bit with SEWING!

What a beautiful weekend it was! (next Sunday was the day to finish "Sewing in head" and starting to make my plans real.....)

I had some white fabric and I bought a huge bedcover last year (the blue)... And my fingers were sooooo excited to draw something...

I LOVE blue and white together. Plus in May I saw in Spain that navy is the fashion of this summer. This is the time to sew my navy bag!

I started with the bottom of my bag and drew a little bit...

Then I made the sides of blue and white stripes...

Finally I added the top blue part, I drew some life buoys, put the hadles and added the little bow.
Here is my brand new summer navy bag! I am sooo ha
ppy with it! I hope you like it, too.