Sweet friends...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So this is my birthday today....
And I got really very nice surprises during the day, and that is why I write about my happiness this day.

First it was my B in the morning. He took my favourite watch to change battery in it (it is not an easy task with this watch - so it is out of work for 2 years!!!)

Then I talked to mum and her husband (he read me a poem.... it was really kind of him, I nearly cried)

I got the parcel of the Birthday Club yesterday, but it said: DO not open until 28th May, so I was strong enough to open it only this morning... I am so proud of myself :D

Then I went to school as usual and I got some chocolate from Szilvia and Peter....It was a huge surprise, they knew my birthday and remembered it!

Then my Stan (we are the Stan and Pan of our class) baked me chocolate cake which is delicious! and I also got an orange flower (sorry but it is on my desk in school so no pic about it)...Thanks Bea!

I had no lesson at 8 so I got some coffee from Jude and we drank it together, chatted and laughed a lot...

And later I found some chocolate with a funny sign on it on my desk....:D Ah Cecilia, it was so kind of you :D

At home I got an e-mail of my Norwegian friend, Geir which was an absolutely fantastic one (among the best 3 letters of my life :D).

And this is not the end...I am in the middle of the day :D

I think I am the luckiest person on Earth to have such nice friends all over the world, thank you all :D

Hurry, hurry!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am unbelievably tired.... Still happy with the play last Thursday, but a bit afraid of the next one on Monday, plus directing another play with my students....

No sewing, only listening to music, thinking of scenes, planning etc.

I hope you have better days.... but hey, it is nice to win after these, no? :D


Saturday, May 17, 2008

So we made that play with my colleagues..... In the theatre here there is a tradition: the premier gifts. I wanted to play theatre and we did, so I decided to play it well.

That is why I made little gifts to the others.

The title of the play is "The Grandma", so I started brainstorming on grandmas.... The first thing came to my mind were cookies (I don't exactly know why as my Grandmas couldn't bake...). I found a beautiful pattern in a Tildas book, the muffins. (OK, I know they are not muffins but I call them like that...) First I machine embroidered the side part. I wrote the name of the author, the play, and the character they played plus the date. It sounds too much but I wrote (I mean embroidered) small letters.

Then I put some pot pourri in. You know, I love 'useful things'.

I had to make 19 muffins which took a lot of time, but my colleagues were so happy I would do it again.

Aren't they cute together?


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today we had some beautiful pancakes with strawberries and cream... Did I mention that strawberries are one of my favourite fruits? I am lucky as the season of strawberries is near my birthday, so I can have them. It was just a piece of yummmmmmmi on a sunny Sunday....