Travelblog start - utazz velem!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sorry but this is a quick post for my Hungarian friends and family about my Hungarian travelblog, so I continue in Hungarian.

Patch on plane - cimkém alatt juthattok el a magyar nyelvű utazóblogomra, mely a következő hetekben követi utazásom történetét. Elérhető a jobb oldali sávban a repülő foltos boszira kattintva. Gyertek velem!

40 minutes bag.... - or not?

Friday, September 10, 2010

This is the top bag of this summer, I think. Thanks for the original idea! It is a really good one, easy, funny to sew and seems cool. I accidentally got this piece of fabric of two friends (thank you girls!) and wanted to make it a bit uniques (we 3 had the same fabric, one third each) so I decided to use a bit of 'desert fabric' (I used it for 'desert' in another sewing the next day) to make flowers. I wanted a bit of 'country feeling' so I used blanket stitch and not sewed at the very edge of the flower to make it more rustic.
Here it is. (Grrr, I hate this rainy weather, these thin bags should stay at home nowadays...):