Ice cream weekend 1.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

This is the time of ice creams for me I think..... (poor trousers and skirts..... ) I found a recipe on Fűszer és lélek blog which was a kind of drink. We (with my B) decided to make ice cream istead of a drink so we changed some things, but I think the original recipe can be also good.
Here is our recipe:

Melon ice cream with gorgonzola:
1 melon (normal sized but very nice one) - stick mixered
2 dl cream - half mixered
5 dkg gorgonzola - cut with a fork and add to the cream
1 pinch salt

then mix everything and put it in the ice cream maker.... I cut some tiny little melon cubes and added it to the mixture while it was in the machine. Enjoy!
And thank you Eszter for the original idea!

PS: Unfortunately there is no picture about it (yet) as I have no camera at the moment....

(Not easily) killed UFO - June

Friday, July 17, 2009

I know it is an absolutely late post, but this summer is 'an always late' one....

So this is my sewing bag..... I started in a patchwork camp last summer and since then it was a pain.... I wanted to sew it but then I overcomplicated it, so.....
But I finished it this week... I know it is July now but I had so many things to do.
OK, no more excuses, here is the bag. Actually it is a plastic file covered with fabric.... The inventor is Dióhéj and my mentor in this thing was Méhike...
I used my favourite star textile for the outside part and I embroidered my name for the back page.

The fabric inside are my treasures from Wales and Luxemburg... (this was a good enough place for them). The scissor holder and the needle holder can be removed and used alone. (By the way the needle holder is a Tilda design). (sorry it is an awful picture taken during the sewing process......)
It is not packed yet and I have to add one more thing (an iron place), but I have to finish it this weekend as the bag is coming with me to the patchwork camp next week.

7 things....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacskamati asked me to take part in this 'game', and I was so embarrassed to forget it, so no more excuses... It is high time to write 7 more things about me....
Hmmm... it is not an easy thing at all.... but let's try .... and I am sorry if I've already mentioned some of it.

1. There were 3 jobs I always wanted to have (and some more...khm.... funny ones... which I do not write about this time...) teacher, actress and tourist guide..... I can live without the last one but I think I need the first 2.... The only way I can imagine life without school is when I can stay on the stage..... but I think it is too late.....

2. I am a strange person (I think). I did lots of 'interesting' things (eg. diving) at my young age but didn't do trivial things (eg. going to a pop concert)...

3. I love all handcrafts. I cannot crochet... I always forget how to do it and when I want to make something, I learn the waqy to make it, and in some weeks I forget everything again....
There is no problem like this with patchwork, knitting, embroidery, decoupage, jewellery making etc....

4. I have looooooots of energy for a long time (like 5 months or so), then I just lay in an amrchair for days without doing anything..... isn't it abnormal?

5. I hate being in silence (yes, I can imagine your face and laughs) so I always have to have something noisy around me, like radio or TV... I couldn't study without my radio when I was a pupil.

6. I love bags.... very much.... I want to have a lot, but then I am too lazy to change them day by day, so I always have an actual favourite for some weeks (or months) then I change....

7. I am too slow as I do too many things at the same time, so I will not ask anyone to write about the 7 things....
But I loooove coffee (I blame my B for it!) and I got this frappé this morning before he wnet to work.... I am the luckiest patchwitch on earth :D

I hope Vacskamati, you enjoyed reading it, and I am sorry for the long waiting......

An amazing morning

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today it was high time to defrost the freezer so we decided to skip the shopping. I wanted to use only the food from our fridge before switching off the machine. Here are the things I found:
cottage cheese, milk, egg and some chocolate sauce I made some days earlier, cream and strawberry in the freezer.
Ah and the ice cream maker was in the freezer, too! (surprisingly :D )
So we made 3 things:
coffee of course

and strawberry ice cream.

And here are 2 more pictures:

the 'ice bed' (jégágy) I mentioned in a previous post

The ice cream maker for Kicsoda. Do you have the same machine?

Black and white party

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I had a free night on Friday so I decided to have a black and white party. I have to tell you it was not an easy project to organize. Actually it seemed much worse as it was. It is a very good way to improve your creativity.... I decorated the living room and dressed all furniture in black and white, all the guests had to wear black and white clothes and we had black and white food and drink (unfortunately I was not a good barista, so the black and white latte came brown too soon....) And we had some more things which I forgot to take picture of.