My fairy quilt Godmother

Sunday, July 17, 2011

There is a game on You have to make choices and finally you get your personal Fairy Quilt Godmother's pattern which you can sew.
Yesterday as I read this game I immediately became interested and made my choices. As I got the pattern I sterted sewing and yes, she is here (she is quite ugly not as nice as the young fairies are, but at least this way I can be a bit more self-confident..:D)

I missed a wart of her nose (ugly fairies need a wart) so I added that as an extra. The name was created by the programme, Boutiqmina... This makes me think she is shopaholic (maybe fabrics??).

And I am off to a patchwork camp, so hopefully I will have a lot of things to show you a bit later!

Finishing my exams...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finishing my exams made me extremely happy (of course) and able to sew again.... After making my navy bag (posted 2 weeks ago) I decided to continue this topic (navy style) and made a little purse (the previous one is useless as the zip broke but I really hate splitting...). This was a quick success for me and I used only the remains of the bag... not a single new piece, except the white zip. :)

It is good to have them together as the weather is usually like in autumn or early spring (rainy and grey) so I can have a little summer at least in my bag.

And summer has surely started for me, too.....

Hey, threads and fabric! Wait! I am coming!!!

A cake and an eye

Monday, July 4, 2011

It is the story of last week, but it is only funny from a certain distance, so I am blogging it out today. Last week my dear colleagues had a new house party for which I decided to make their house from cake. I found some photos, made some plans in secret and started to bake on a calm Saturday night just to be able to finish it for Sunday evening (I nearly failed). I had to start with buying trays for the cake... It was a looong way.

The house turned out to be a very complicated o
ne, so I had to be tricky. I just baked and baked and finally made some fondant...

Just to help you imagine how big this cake was some facts:
24 eggs
750 g chestnut puree
700 ml cream
a whole box of cocoa powder
600 ml sour cream
1.5 kg caster sugar (yeah, fondant!)
and a lot of other things....
It was not that bad at the end, altough it really hated to travel, so one of its walls started to give up by the time we got to their place.
They were very happy with it and the guests liked the cake, so I came home happily with the feeling I had something in my eye. I tried to wash it or see what was inside, but I failed and saw nothing. I just closed it and fell asleep. I woke up in the morning with a scream. The thing was still in it, making the morning horrible. After trying to find it somehow or pick it out I finally went to the doctor and was informed that a piece of a toothpick (with which I put the roof to the cake) was in my right eye. ... The best news 2 days before my state exam. I could hardly study... Yeah, a horrible end for a succesful cake... (Now everything is OK, the exam is over.... it is only a story now...)