The first snow and some more wreathes

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last weekend we had the first snow here, and yesterday we have some more! Yay, it was wonderful! I love snow! I have that real Christmas feeling now!
Here are some pics for you: (sorry about the pics, I took them at night when there was no narural light... only lamps...)

Brown and blue:
Elegante green and golden:
Green and white:

Advent wreathes

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am very busy nowadays.... I am 'working' with my best friend, Pungi in her shop on advent wreathes. It is a very nice job for me, I love designing them. While working we laugh and talk a lot, I hope you can see it on our wreathes. (When I am in good mood, my sewings are much better and nicer and I hope it is the same with the wreathes as well.)
And also there is a poll (I could not put the pics there.....:( ) so you can vote on your favourite wreathes.... (We are working on more, they are going to appear in our webshop, but I cannot put them in the poll.... I am too curious now :D)
1. dance of snowflakes (hópelyhek tánca)

2. orange world (narancsvilág)

3. in green (zöldben)

4. coffee cavalcade (kávékavalkád

5. Santa (Mikulás)
6. 4 seasons (4 évszak)
7. Bourdon-golden Christmas (bordó-arany karácsony)

Shop on MESKA!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My best friend and me made a shop on MESKA! We are 'working' together and having fun. We have not many things uploaded now but we put up more and more. Jump in and visit our wreathes!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sometimes I feel horrible to be so far from you and not to be able to teleport. Usually I am very happy with virtual meetings with on the net and reading as it is a wonderful connection between us....
But today I would like to invite you to our first exhibition and I am so sorry that some of you won't be able to teleport here.....
But ....forget it for a second:

So a bit more than a year ago a topic started on a Hungarian forum called "Sewing dolls, dollsmaking". I started to post there and made friendships, started sewing dolls.... Finally I found myself in a funny and nice group of creative ladies.... And now we have our exhibiton. The card was made by Tallina, thank you for that!)

(Translation: The Company of The Internet's Dollmakers is celebrating its Dolls Exhibition from 24th to 29th Nov (10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.)

During the exhibition we have angel making classes for kids, please call us for places......etc.

So please, think of us and come (at least virtually) to be and celebrate with us! (I hope I can make pics and if you are interested I can post some...)

Christmas work

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Of course I am in the middle of the Christmas present making process :D.....

Unfortunately I cannot show you too mmuch pictures as some of my friends and my mum follow this blog..... but these snowmen wanted to come and greet you and also wish you a happy christmas-preaparing period!!!!

Chocolate lovers' club

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Today we had a really nice evening with B, Pung and Am. We took place in the first meeting of the Chocolate Lovers' club. We learned a lot about chocolate, now I feel much cleverer.
We tasted cocoa beans.

And saw some more cocoa beans.

And some of the world's best chocolates. (From France, Ecuador, Sao Tome)

Some choclate pills from Belgium.

This is the method of chocolate making:

A wonderful handmade piece from a little island.

And we ate dried fruits, apple, tangerine and marzipan with chocolate from the chocolate fountain.

I planned a quiet day with full of sewing but I am happy to have fun all day with Pung and finish the day in the Choc Club!

Halloween Party

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I had a Halloween Party on Friday (of course, it was Halloween). First time in my life. In Hungary we do not celebrate Halloween, but orange is my favourite colour so I wanted to celebrate the 'orange festival'. We have guests very rarely so I was really excited. We had to tidy the whole flat, make decoration and food. It was a big run at the end, but it worth.
Let me show you some pictures. I hope you will enjoy them:

This is the wreath on the front door. I made the little witch last year, so just put her on the wreath and hang now.

Some days before Halloween I sewed these coasters. I just started to sew and finally got these. I am very proud, I like them so much. I used simple cheap black fabric and free hand stitched it with white thread and my dear Janome. I didn't make a pattern, so they are all different.

And here is the table with Halloween decoration:

B cooked the food (unfortunately we only have pics about the first food), he used Japanese pumpkins for the soup. Aren't they beautiful?

And this is the soup:

B baked the pupkin seeds as well.... Yummmmm!

Here are the apple-cinnamon muffins, I read the recipe in Amaranta's blog and changed some little things. My friends liked them very much.

We bought orange chocolate pills and put the muffins in it. Unfortunately I did not have time for the black chocolate decoration, time won against me...

One of my friends had her birthday just before Halloween, she got this witch hat chocolate cake...

The rest of the cake became cemetary with some rum, cream and sponge fingers. Ah and some dark chocolate.

And Halloween can't be without pumpkin, I mean Jack-o-lantern. Unfortunately it was finished only the next day, but I think it turned out very well.
This is a picture of the pumpkin:

And this is the pumpkin in the dark room:

I was chosen...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

OK, this is going to be an English-Hungarian post.... As I was chosen by 5 friends: 36évi, pjulcsy, ahama, elizanikó, patchwork40
The rules are:
1. Link the friends who chose you.
2. Tell 7 things about yourself, either special or common.
3. Choose 7 people and link them as well.
4. Tell them in a comment of their blog that they were chosen.

I would like to choose (it is not easy, most of the people were already chosen....): cic, orsi, lil, vonimum and christine. I know I should choose 7 people, but I have only 4 in my mind now.
And now, let's see the 7 things:

1. I love doing very different things, but I am not 'the best' in any of them, I do/did lots of things. Some examples: I can play the guitar a bit, in Advent we sing Christmas Carols with my kids, I played the guitar with a choir, I can play the flute (I had to play in college), I sew, make dolls, play basketball, direct theatre plays and act, I play Guild Wars (computer game), sometimes I make jewellery or decoupage, knit or embroider, I used to dive and Irish step dance (unfortunately not any more). At the moment these came to my mind....

2. I usually start things which I do not finish. It is not easy to finish these UFOs later...

3. Out of my mother tongue I learned 7 languages, but I can only speak English - somewhat.

4. I can't cook (B does it), but I can bake.

5. I always have time problems, so I just run up and down....

6. The most important thing was/is my friends and social life. The punishment of my childhood wasn't: 'NO TV' but 'Your friend mustn't come and you mustn't visit her'.

7. I hate marrow and raisin (That means I cannot eat them...)

1. Linkeld be azt az embert a blogodba, aki kipécézett.
2. Ossz meg magadról hét dolgot, akár különleges, akár hétköznapi.
3. Pécézz ki 7 embert, nevezd meg és linkeld be őket a blogodba.
4. Egy hozzászólásban értesítsd őket a blogjukon, hogy ki lettek pécézve.

És akkor a 7 dolog rólam:

1. Mindenféle dolgot szeretek csinálni, de semmiben sem vagyok a 'legjobb', sokfélét csinálok/csináltam. Néhány példa: kicsit tudok gitározni, adventben énekelek karácsonyi dalokat a gyerekekkel, és gitároztam egy énekkarban is, tudok furulyázni is (kötelező volt a főiskolán), varrok, babákat készítek, kosárlabdázom, színdarabot rendezek és játszom, Guild Warsozom (ez egy számítógépes játék), néha ékszereket készítek vagy dekupálok, esetenként kötök és hímezek, régebben búvárkodtam és ír szteppeltem (sajnos mindkettőnek vége...) Ebben a pillanatban ezek jutottak eszembe...

2. Sokszor csak elkezdek dolgokat és aztán félkészen maradnak, amiket nehéz befejezni.

3. Az anyanyelvemen kívül 7 nyelvet tanultam, de sajnos csak az angolt beszélem - valamennyire.

4. Nem tudok főzni (azt B csinálja), de jól sütök.

5. Állandóan időhiányban szenvedek, és ide-oda rohangálok.

6. A barátok és a szociális kapcsolataim mindig is a legfontosabbak voltak. Gyerekkorom büntetése nem a TV volt, hanem a "nem jöhetnek át a barátaid és te se mehetsz sehova".

7. Utálom a tököt és a mazsolát (ezeket nem is tudom megenni).