Sewing and baking

Sunday, February 22, 2009

This weekend I looked like a housewife (nearly never....normally...) I tidied the flat (yuck!) then I could continue my secret project which meant cutting and drawing this time...... Today I decided to make something yummi!

On Monday we went to a cookbook shop (it was one of the presents of my B on his nameday) and I was the one who got present :D (OK, he got something too!) So I got 6 tiny baking plates or whatever they call them in English... I always wanted something like these...
I found a nice recipe in our Australian cookbook (delicious lemon it is called) so I decided to give it a try. I should have used one big dish but I had 6 small ones so I was a bit worried about it, but it turned out well. And it is a kind of soufle which I never made before....
Here you can see the small dishes before going into the oven:

And here are the result of the baking, the beautiful (and yummi) soufles:

And finally this is the view of my sewing room, inspiring me these days:

Last week

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Last week I sewed some things, it is one of them.

In a clothes' shop I saw this cheap T-shirt. One of my favourite shapes, a very simple black one. I have this in 2 other colours but when I saw the black one I started thinking. I saw a T-shirt with embroidery on it, making it unique and a but more tricky.
I decided to give it a try, so I bought one.

At home I found my special Metzer threads, the black-grey-white one some vlies and started to embroider (free hand stitches or something, sorry I have problems with its English name). I was quite satisfied with the result especially the next day when my colleagues said nice things about it.
I also made a necklace and two earrrings matching my new T-shirt and I was so sorry when I didn't find more of it in the shop.... sigh... maybe next time?

Ah, and again: sorry about the photo I could not take a better one in the room...I had not enough light for the black colour....

Born today....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

As you could read in the last post I was nearly frozen when my colleague saved me.....
She gave me bed and pyjamas and a warm smile. She saved me....
To show my gratitude I sewed her this tiny Dream angel (as I call her). She is a Tildas design. My colleague (let's call her M) has a wonderful bedroom with cream carpet, orange-red walls and white furniture. (sometimes some grey-black electric things, too)
That's why I chose orange fabric for the clothes and cream for the body. The moon is cream and the stars are grey.
To show you how tiny she is I took a picture of her when she was standing in the tulip bunch... She will go to M on Thursday, I hope they will like each other.

The craziest thing ever....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yesterday one of my colleagues organized a party for us.... It was said to be a table football party but actually it was my surprise - nameday (it is something like a birthday - we celebrate this in Hungary too) party. So we had a lot of fun, I got this beautiful tulip bunch with some little hair decorations and an orange vase.
My favourite colleagues were there so it was fun! At the end of the party we wanted to go home of course (the party was in a small town outside the capital...) and looked at the bus timetable on the Internet. We had the chance for the last bus only so we were in a hurry to reach it. After 45 minutes of waiting (and asking 3 different people to look at the timetable on the Net) we gave up. Nothing came..... It was freezing cold with wind, I had no gloves but the vase and the tulips in my hands (which were frozen to the vase...) and not too warm clothes (at least not warm enough to wait for 45 mins in the cold wind)... So after a while we called the hosts and they offered us beds... (I was sure they saved our lives with this decision...) And we went back (around 3 o'clock) and slept in their warm and nice home....
In the morning I could go home finally. I wrote a letter to the company... It was not the friendliest and happiest letter of my life.... But I tried to be polite (of course).... At least it turned out that the night buses have different routes in that town so the bus we waited for exists but it went on the other side of the town.... (OK, we should have asked the teenage daughter of my colleague instead of browsing the Net...)
Hmmm..... not the best night in my life....but at least a good (?) story to tell....
Enjoy the picture of my beautiful flowers!

Ball with a flag

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yesterday we had a ball (Charity for the school foundation).... I wanted to sew a nice bag for my ball-dress from the piece I had to cut as the skirt was too long. But I had no time to finish it as I got this task a day before the ball. This year we had a decoration of London, so I had to sew a huge British flag (2m x 3m) It was impossible in my tiny flat (I could not see the whole thing...). I spent 5 hours with the blue and the white part and then I nearly gave up when my colleagues found out the trick (we pinned the red part in the school, so we could see everything, plus two little girls helped, so we had 8 hands instead of my two...)
Luckily 1.5 hours before the ball we finished, so we could use this huge flag.... Picture was taken from the table where I sat.
And one important thing... it is not my best work, just I wanted to show it to the ones who kept their fingers cross for me to be able to finnish it on time. Thanks Girls!

Faboluos blog

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I got this award from ahama! (thank you!)
So I have to tell you 5 things which I am addicted to:
1. coffee (thanks for my B!)
2. social life (friends, colleagues, nice people around me)
3. hand crafts (many kinds) and designing
4. chocolate and marzipan
5. talking/communication (written as this)

And now I have to nominate 5 faboluos blogs... It is not easy and lots of blogs I like got this award before, or maybe each blog I follow? So now I do not give it to anyone.
Ahama, the other game is coming later as our scanner is on strike.... :)