The other leg of the trousers

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I mentioned my friend's old trousers in my previous post. I finished the bag and I had not too much leftover. The project of the day was a sashiko purse, but I skipped the sashiko part. I decided to use my old jeans (you know I took too many trousers into my big bag :P) so I had to make a good design. It is summer and I bought some string on the previous day (blue and white). I had my blue jeans and part of the white trousers. It is obvious that it turned out a 'sailor's purse'. I needle painted some summer-sea themed pictures and I used my string as junk of the purse. I hope you like it, too.
And what is the connection with the old white trousers? The lining of the purse is made of it. And I had to be tricky. It was just enough, not a single centimetre of the fabric was left.....
Do you like it?

The bag of Karcag

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It is a simple story. I was in Karcag in a PW camp again 2 weeks ago. This was the project of the third day. I used some new fabric I bought 2 days before. (the red one) I used my friend's old trousers for the white parts. It was a pair of huge trousers (she lost weight and threw away her trousers) and I thought half of it would be enough for a bag. I used a bit more but I still had some leftover for the next project. Pics tomorrow...

But now you can see my red and white bag:

Purse, purse, purse

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The summer started with my HUGE problem: travelling with my toothbrush in a plastic bag..... Yes, I am a patchwitch with a plastic bag. It's awful, isn't it? I really wanted to have a purse. I made one to my B years ago. It turned out perfect, he liked the size and also the shape. I wanted to copy it to me a year later but it was not big enough for my brush (huge hair - huge brush). And I really did not want to take a purse plus some things outside or in another plastic bag. I liked the fabric but it was just not big enough.
I bought some new beautiful fabric (I call it 'Norway' as I have the Norwegian feeling when I see it) and I used a Tildas design to make a beach-purse. It turned out even smaller then the first one...... No success...
And this year I was fed up with my small purses so I took the new fabric I got from the Australian Ladies of the Craft Forum (the birthday club) which I love. It has all of my favourite colours: orange, yellow and green. And I made a really big purse - and wow, it is perfect! All my things inside and there is some more places....
You can see them all here: