Bag for spring

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My friend, A. has a bag. It is not a very nice one, but a simple 'free give away bag of a company'. But the pattern was really interesting for me so I started to think about it.
I designed a Celtic bag. For the handle I used the simple IKEA fabric (black and green). I used a hand sewing technique for the pattern so it took a while (long long time it was). So finally i throw it in a box when I finished the Celtic pattern.
This year before spring came (the official spring of course as the real one is still on its way) I decided to have my Celtic bag so I finished it. I made the pattern (12 pieces I think) and found this Celtic shamrock pattern which I sewed with the 'free style quilting' programme of my machine. (The bottom of the bag has a different Celtic pattern....just for fun!)
And now I wear my new bag happily. My student liked it very much which made me so proud. Do you like it as well?

This is the front of the bag with 2 zips.

And this is the back with the 'old' handle and the mobile pocket on it.

Let me introduce her...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

She is our newest friend, Ingrid. The story started 2 weeks ago when we got my mum's old car (it is a new car for us). My B told me to sew someone into the car to be a traveller partner for him all the time. We wanted a small someone not too disturbing on the mirror.
She is very small, a Tilda design, but I made her really tiny.... She is 7.5 cms tall.... bourdon (as the car) and white. She has her dress of my favourite fabric-combination.
Let me introduce our newest friend, Ingrid:

The bottle-house bag

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I know that some of you remember my bottle bag.... It is a small bag for my mineral water (1.5 litres bottle) during the hot months when I have to carry water. I am economic in a way - I do not like to buy 0.5 l bottles.... and also comfortable - I hate carrying things in my hand... The bag was my invention (I thought) as I never saw anything like that before. But I know I cannot be the only one. Some of my students love that bag. One of them asked me to make her one when she will leave school (it is an important ceremony here in Hungary when students get presents....) It will happen in the future....But then March came....and I got a phone call..... It was a secret call as a surprise birthday party way organised for her as she became 18.... (another important day, the beginning of adulthood here)... I was invited! I was so surprised as I am her teacher and I was in that not-too-big-group around her on the birthday..... wow...So I changed my mind and make her the bag for her big day....It was designed for her.... the colour, the patterns, everything....The blue one is a hand painted fabric (made by me) and I used free motion stitching for that.... It was a big rush (I worked during the nights) but she was so happy.... the bag was worth it.... :D And now she is in a trouble..... she is thinking about what to ask for the school leaving ceremony.... :D

Food, glorious food....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Two days ago my B didn't feel well and slept not too much during the night. I wanted to surprise him with a unique breakfast to make his mood a bit better. I woke up quite early so went to the supermarket and got goods. This is a recipe we tried years ago but somehow it was obvious for me to make it.... I bought two pieces of bread so we ate the second one this morning....
He was happy to get it so the idea turned out very well....
Just put anything you like between the slices and put the whole thing in the oven for some minutes.... We ate it with fresh vegetables like spring onion (there was some in the sandwich too), cherry tomatoes (also in and out), pepper and cucumber.
It was a very good spring breakfast!

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

We got the Easter ham from Mum yesterday and also the eggs boiled in the ham's water.... Yumm, they are wonderful with smoky taste..... I hope your Easter is Hoppy, too!

Spring is here at the door

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Last week I let spring in.... We still had the winter wreath with snowman and penguin, but last weekend I finally finished the new one.
My favourite fruit is strawberry so I decided to use strawberries for the wreath. I found some nice ones in Tilda's books. (I love it as some of you know) It was not easy to get a pre-made wreath this spring what made me surprised. Finally I got this very simple brown one which was too small for the spring angel I made. Then I decided to make the swing to the girl so now she is swinging happily.
And some things about the girl: she is also a Tilda pattern but I made her a lot smaller. Her trousers are made from green fabric I got as a present from Maple (a patchwork friend of mine), the jumper is also made of a present fabric (got from my mum's colleague). The cherry one is a Luxembourgian fabric as I call it. I visited a patchwork shop with a kind Lulu patchwork lady who I met through the net and later there personally. The kind owner gave me that fabric because I was a customer from 'so far away'. This fabric was waiting for the perfect project to be used, and I think this is very good because I can see it every spring. This angel is mostly a collection of nice memories for me.
I hope you like the wreath as well. Happy spring!