101th :D

Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's been a while since my last post....Time was just running....We had guests from 4 countries in school, than I had problems and was extremely busy with my drama work.

During the "no post time" I made these dolls. Let me tell you the background story.....

We had an exhibition with our school project I mentioned. It was about the past and future of Europe. My country got the rights of women.
We decided to make a doll queue on the 'evolution of women'.

The ideas are not just mine, we discussed them with my colleague and than I made some more thinking and sewed the dolls.

The original idea came from a picture we all have here in school in our Biology books. I try to find one on the net...
(picture was taken from abcnews.go.com)
All dolls are made from cheap fabric called 'molino'. I used the same pattern for them and I designed different clothes with help of pictures. 2 ladies got wire in their legs and the housewife has an iron made of plaster.

So we decided 4 steps of the evolution:

1. The cavewoman working with her tool on an animal skin

2. Woman of housework with a child

3. A Suffragette - Votes for women!

4. Businesswoman

I am really sorry but I don't have a picture about the four ladies but I hope I will get one to publish on blog later.