Saturday, May 17, 2008

So we made that play with my colleagues..... In the theatre here there is a tradition: the premier gifts. I wanted to play theatre and we did, so I decided to play it well.

That is why I made little gifts to the others.

The title of the play is "The Grandma", so I started brainstorming on grandmas.... The first thing came to my mind were cookies (I don't exactly know why as my Grandmas couldn't bake...). I found a beautiful pattern in a Tildas book, the muffins. (OK, I know they are not muffins but I call them like that...) First I machine embroidered the side part. I wrote the name of the author, the play, and the character they played plus the date. It sounds too much but I wrote (I mean embroidered) small letters.

Then I put some pot pourri in. You know, I love 'useful things'.

I had to make 19 muffins which took a lot of time, but my colleagues were so happy I would do it again.

Aren't they cute together?


Kdatta said...

Tényleg nagyon édesek! Ilyen ajándéknak én is örülnék! ;o)
Nagy gratula a sikeretekhez!! Sajnálom, hogy nem láttam, talán a következőt! :o)

patchwitch said...

köszönöm :D a köv. úgy tűnik szeptemberben lesz :D

the next performance will be in September :D

amy said...
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