Still happy in the new year

Friday, January 2, 2009

As you know I had serious problems with timing and finishing things before Christmas.... I could not show you too many things. But finally I have finished our door hanger (it wanted to be a wreath but now I am not sure...) I am happy it is not too 'Christmasy' as I do not want to put it away so I think it will hang there till spring.... I wanted to put on a gingerbread man (of a dyed fabric from my drawer) but I changed my mind. I am still thinking about it so maybe next year they will get a new friend.... Who knows?

And my Christmas presents.... I got lost of wonderful and beautiful things....Angels were very kind this year (too), I do not know if I were this good...hmm.... I do not think so....I am sure my best friend talked to the angels before shopping, so they could buy these things for me... (or make or wrap?)
So these are Tilda's fabrics (I have never seen them, only in books) and one with snowmen, the new Tilda book,

some 'Tilda Basics' (I didn't know there were available things like those)

and some Tilda ribbons... (They were used in the last book...)

I am still so happy when I look at them!


Julcsi said...


36évi said...

Nem semmi, én is sasoltam a boltban ezeket... Nézegesd helyettem is, drága!

Viszont nekem is hozott 5 (Öt), kül. könyvet a jézi, ebből három tildás. :))) Már varrtam is belőle tegnap. Jó volt!!!!

Most az van lent a betűknél, hogy filym... hehehe!

patchwitch said...

mit varrtál évi?

hát igen, pjulcsy, én is mázlistának érzem magam :D

Julcsi said...

Kedves! Újra mázlistának érezheted magad, ha átnézel hozzám:-DDDDDD

patchwitch said...

Ok, megyek :D