40 minutes bag.... - or not?

Friday, September 10, 2010

This is the top bag of this summer, I think. Thanks for the original idea! It is a really good one, easy, funny to sew and seems cool. I accidentally got this piece of fabric of two friends (thank you girls!) and wanted to make it a bit uniques (we 3 had the same fabric, one third each) so I decided to use a bit of 'desert fabric' (I used it for 'desert' in another sewing the next day) to make flowers. I wanted a bit of 'country feeling' so I used blanket stitch and not sewed at the very edge of the flower to make it more rustic.
Here it is. (Grrr, I hate this rainy weather, these thin bags should stay at home nowadays...):


Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Doti, Sandy here! Yes I did wonder about you and hoped you were ok. I don't think I will go in the Xmas swap this year as I won't have enough time to make things. My husband was very sick early in the year with cancer. He had an operation and has a good report that he doesn't need chemotherapy, but he has volunteered to go in a trial for a vaccine that might help other people one day. You seem to be very busy with your work and also your studies. I wish you well and hope your studies will be very successful and then you will have more free time for your crafts. many hugs from your friend in Australia, Sandy.

patchwitch said...

Thank you for jumping in Sandy, I am really happy to see (read) you :D
I hope your husband gets well soon.
Thank you for the nice wishes and happy crafting!