Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

This Easter is basicly about typing my essays and things, but ....

But I could not imagine Easter without a little tiny piece of decoration. As I had no time, I asked my B to buy some little tiny flowers to have spring feeling... So went together and bought some... They were just greenies and didn't seem to be real 'decorations' but by the next morning I saw all the little ones blooming:

I gave myself a free day which we spent together with family. We baked a cake with my Mum, I wanted to teach her the fondant thing, so I decorated the cake there and we put it to the Easter Dinner Table.
This was the first time for me to make 3D figures, so the bunnies are not perfect at all, but I was satisfied (I had to try my new Wilton dyes...the green and purple) with the sleepy bunny... It was not a planned design, just started to decorate and the cake turned out like this:

Happy Easter to you all! What do you do at Easter?


RobynK said...

I Like your flowers and the easter bunny cake is wonderful!