My fairy quilt Godmother

Sunday, July 17, 2011

There is a game on You have to make choices and finally you get your personal Fairy Quilt Godmother's pattern which you can sew.
Yesterday as I read this game I immediately became interested and made my choices. As I got the pattern I sterted sewing and yes, she is here (she is quite ugly not as nice as the young fairies are, but at least this way I can be a bit more self-confident..:D)

I missed a wart of her nose (ugly fairies need a wart) so I added that as an extra. The name was created by the programme, Boutiqmina... This makes me think she is shopaholic (maybe fabrics??).

And I am off to a patchwork camp, so hopefully I will have a lot of things to show you a bit later!


Stitchin' time said...

Lol, that's a very stern looking fairy godmother! Maybe she's tired of unreasonable requests from her godchildren? I love the little touches like the crown, wart and necklace - really brings her to 'life' :D. Great work.
Cheers, Robyn

Kicsoda said...

az a bibircsok nagyon kiraly:-P

patchwitch said...

Lol, Robyn, I am happy you liked her. It was easy as I got the whole pattern (except the wart)...:D Could you make the bag? (without the tutorial, just the simple explanation, if you have problems, please let me know, and I try to do my best and answer all your questions :D)

kicsoda, édes vagy:D annyira hiányzott róla, (nem volt elég ronda :P)