Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sometimes I feel horrible to be so far from you and not to be able to teleport. Usually I am very happy with virtual meetings with on the net and reading as it is a wonderful connection between us....
But today I would like to invite you to our first exhibition and I am so sorry that some of you won't be able to teleport here.....
But ....forget it for a second:

So a bit more than a year ago a topic started on a Hungarian forum called "Sewing dolls, dollsmaking". I started to post there and made friendships, started sewing dolls.... Finally I found myself in a funny and nice group of creative ladies.... And now we have our exhibiton. The card was made by Tallina, thank you for that!)

(Translation: The Company of The Internet's Dollmakers is celebrating its Dolls Exhibition from 24th to 29th Nov (10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.)

During the exhibition we have angel making classes for kids, please call us for places......etc.

So please, think of us and come (at least virtually) to be and celebrate with us! (I hope I can make pics and if you are interested I can post some...)