Chocolate lovers' club

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Today we had a really nice evening with B, Pung and Am. We took place in the first meeting of the Chocolate Lovers' club. We learned a lot about chocolate, now I feel much cleverer.
We tasted cocoa beans.

And saw some more cocoa beans.

And some of the world's best chocolates. (From France, Ecuador, Sao Tome)

Some choclate pills from Belgium.

This is the method of chocolate making:

A wonderful handmade piece from a little island.

And we ate dried fruits, apple, tangerine and marzipan with chocolate from the chocolate fountain.

I planned a quiet day with full of sewing but I am happy to have fun all day with Pung and finish the day in the Choc Club!


Anonymous said...

Yummy! Too bad I live so far away, I might just have to beg to become a member of the Choc Club! Love your Halloween projects, too!

patchwitch said...

thank you and welcome here :D