Ball with a flag

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yesterday we had a ball (Charity for the school foundation).... I wanted to sew a nice bag for my ball-dress from the piece I had to cut as the skirt was too long. But I had no time to finish it as I got this task a day before the ball. This year we had a decoration of London, so I had to sew a huge British flag (2m x 3m) It was impossible in my tiny flat (I could not see the whole thing...). I spent 5 hours with the blue and the white part and then I nearly gave up when my colleagues found out the trick (we pinned the red part in the school, so we could see everything, plus two little girls helped, so we had 8 hands instead of my two...)
Luckily 1.5 hours before the ball we finished, so we could use this huge flag.... Picture was taken from the table where I sat.
And one important thing... it is not my best work, just I wanted to show it to the ones who kept their fingers cross for me to be able to finnish it on time. Thanks Girls!