Ice cream weekend 1.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

This is the time of ice creams for me I think..... (poor trousers and skirts..... ) I found a recipe on Fűszer és lélek blog which was a kind of drink. We (with my B) decided to make ice cream istead of a drink so we changed some things, but I think the original recipe can be also good.
Here is our recipe:

Melon ice cream with gorgonzola:
1 melon (normal sized but very nice one) - stick mixered
2 dl cream - half mixered
5 dkg gorgonzola - cut with a fork and add to the cream
1 pinch salt

then mix everything and put it in the ice cream maker.... I cut some tiny little melon cubes and added it to the mixture while it was in the machine. Enjoy!
And thank you Eszter for the original idea!

PS: Unfortunately there is no picture about it (yet) as I have no camera at the moment....