Advent again

Sunday, November 29, 2009

It is the time again...

I cannot believe it, it is Advent! The first Sunday was wonderful... A bit of chat with my crafty blog-friends then some time with my B, a bit of sewing (and I try to forget all the horrible things happened today in connection with exams, homeworks, books to learn and so on..)

Yesterday we spent the day with my best friend in totally Christmas mood. I enjoyed it so much!

On the way home it was high time to decide what kind of Advent wreath we would make... I was thinking and thinking... And then a beautiful picture came into my mind with snow, ice, polar bears, snowflakes. I wanted to make my polar friends happy so I decided to make a wreath matching the winter curtain in the kitchen (which is still in the wardrobe but I am going to change it soon.... I promise...)

So this is a blue- white- snowflake wreath, a very new design. I have never made anything crazy like it, but finally I was satisfied.... when I came home with it (it was still hot because of the hot glue...) a bit before 1 o'clock in the morning, my B was sleeping so he couldn't see it. He got up earlier than me today and took some wonderful pictures.... :D And made me happy in the morning with it.

He said something like this: When I saw the wreath these things came to my mind: coffee and biscuits in wintertime. Here is his pic:


Anonymous said...

Nagyon jó lett a kékkel! Jók a gyertyák is.