Summary of 2009

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Here comes some important things from 2009 which were to post before Christmas of before New Year but I failed (as usual) so they are here at the beginning of this New Year.

First of all: Here is my Advent Calendar from Tina, Australia..... open... It was a magic Advent. Thanks for you, Tina!

And here is the final present I got on the 25th December from Tina, too:
This was present no.1 which is a handmade mistletoe banner, part of my Christmas decoration:
This is an amaizing thing (one of the pressies) I ahve never seen before: An apron, DIY with instructions and pattern printed on fabric. I am sure, I'll sew it for the next Christmas! :D

And here is the present I sent to Lenke in Ahama's 'Karácsonyi húzogatós' game:

And here is what I got from Márta, who was absolutely gorgeous with finding out what I like:

Thank you Ladies! Have a Happy New Year and a wonderful advent in 2010!


Michaele said...

Oh my goodness, the holly/mistletoe banner is cute! Happy New Year!

patchwitch said...

I am happy you like it Michaele, I feel myself very lucky with it, too! Happy New Year for you too!

teletext said...

Jé! Tud zsepibugyit csinálni! :PPPP
Ezt sohasem felejtem el! :D :*