The biggest little hearts

Sunday, January 17, 2010

This is a present I want to show you. And a little story behind:

There were two sweet little girls going to the same school. They had an English teacher. Just before Christmas they learnt Christmas words and a bit about the English traditions. Among the pictures there was a gingerbread man. The teacher mentioned her favourite was this little brown creature. The two little girls went home and baked Christmas cookies together. They made this little cookie for the teacher and they 'draw' a gingerbread man on it. And have you noticed the little hearts around? :D


Anice kötős blogja said...

Oh those lovely little girls so enthusiastic to learn English! It is a real prize for you as a teacher, I !guess

nagyorsolya said...

Nice, good to see :)

Anonymous said...

How cute!!!
Best regards from very cold(in this morning -26)Finland.
I'll wait april and warm spring in Hungary.
Take care.