The bag of Karcag

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It is a simple story. I was in Karcag in a PW camp again 2 weeks ago. This was the project of the third day. I used some new fabric I bought 2 days before. (the red one) I used my friend's old trousers for the white parts. It was a pair of huge trousers (she lost weight and threw away her trousers) and I thought half of it would be enough for a bag. I used a bit more but I still had some leftover for the next project. Pics tomorrow...

But now you can see my red and white bag:


Julcsi said...

Á, biztos nem magadnak varrtad...

patchwitch said...

de, igen :D
nem lehet minden táskám narancssárga :D
és már hordtam is :D :D

Ilona said...

hello again!! looking in your blog I saw you had palacsinta!!!
my mom used to make it a lot... but she never wrote her recipes... so when I tried to make some it didn't work so well... can you get me a good recipe for it!!??
thanks so much


patchwitch said...

Dear Ilona,

hmmm. pancake recipe is not easyí for me as I do not use one.... But I try to do my best:
3 eggs
a pinch of salt
1-2 tablespoon sugar
flour (I just pour it.... about 20-30 dkg)
a big pinch soda powder
a glass of water
a glass of milk
I start to mix it together and then I add more water/milk (or both) to get the good dough... or not dough, I should be something like a soup but thicker (something you can spoon)
then put oil into your pan (just a teaspoon) and you can make pancakes

Sorry for not giving you an exact recipe but I do not have one, I just do it with 'my feelings' :D
Good luck!
And thank you for jumping in again !