After a while.... more wreathes and swap

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's been a while when I last post....Lots of things happened.... I am extremely busy, I sewed a lot, I worked on more advent wreathes for the shop and I work of course.... Plus I try to go shopping to get the perfect pressies for friends and family...
Now I am ill in bed so I have to have a break, no matter what I want... So I use these good minutes (headache and fever is not that bad at moment) so I post quickly....
Here are the other wreathes I made: (I hope you didn't get bored of them, if yes, just tell me please!) Sorry about the pics, I had to take them at night (when I finished) without natural light but only lamps.....
This is another white as this seemed the most succesful one this year.... The snowflake theme seems trendy this year so I had to make another one...It was not easy to find nice white candles but we could manage somehow....

And a "Santa" again.... A lady loved so much she ordered a new one (but finally after I made it she changed her mind and wanted to make it for herself.... but finally it went to a kind lady who was very happy to get it, so I am happy again.... This was one of my two favourite designs this year....)

And an orange one.... As you know this is my favourite colour but the one in poll was not made by me.... I remembered Evi's words and laughed when my friend tole me: 'You are the orange-lover, you have to make the orange wreath!' So I started and made this one...

And the cute one. This one was made for Leopold, B's friend. They work together, Leopold is sitting on B's desk. He wanted some Advent decoration as well, so I made this one.

And here you can see him, Leopold. (This is an old picture....)

I wanted you to be able to imagine how cute this wreath is, so I took this picture. The mug is a normal size mug...

And some words about the swap.... As last year this year I participated in the Aussie Advent Swap again (it was named by me only...) My partners are Geniene (I sent to her) and Lyn (she sent me)...This was the envelope that went to Australia:

Here you can see my pressies (I can put them here as Geniene started to open them, so she saw these....Actually I sent them in October.... I wrote some little letters (actually I enjoyed writing them, so finally I wrote not in all pressies, but almost...): I found a huuuuge envelope (lot bigger than A4 size, so I could put everything in)
And the ones I got from Lyn. She also had to send in an envelope, but I made them Advent decoration so I used these beautiful paper bags. They are in the hall, so this is the first thing people see when they enter the flat. The big one has the wrapped pressies and the small the opened ones. I am happy every morning to open them.

And here are some more pics as I promised the Ladies on forum: (I try to post them every day or every second day in the future...hopefully it will be more exciting that way...)
1Dec (a handmade badge):

2Dec (the 2nd present was a pattern and the 3rd pressie still wrapped):

3Dec (the 3rd present -pink postcards and envelopes - and the 4th wrapped):
4Dec (a thread something - sorry I forgot its English name and a measure keyring plus the 5th present):

5Dec ( I got fabric this day! :D I guessed when I started to open it, it was so soft...):
6Dec was a handmade pin keeper:
7Dec was a bigger pattern:

8Dec was a flowery fabric, 9Dec was the pink pen and 10Dec was a pattern: