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Friday, December 26, 2008

This Christmas was very exciting in different ways. I took part in the Aussie Advent Swap - just like last year so I got a 'big' present with 24 small ones in an Advent Calendar from Lyn. This was the last present:

And I also took part in "Karácsonyi húzogatós" a game among Hungarian women where you had to make and send a christmas present to someone. I got these wonderful gloves and deco with a little bell on it from Csáknir. Thank you very much for it!!!

Of course I sent some presents as well.
This is my favourite from the Advent Swap to Geniene:

And this is the last big present to Geniene (I think you can recognize a snowman of this group... I didn't want to show you the whole table runner but one at the beginning of Advent. But now as Advent is over I can show you as Geniene saw it I think.):
And I sent these presents to Ablie as she was my other partner in 'Karácsonyi húzogatós'. I hope she got my parcel before Christmas:
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Mine is continuing tomorrow with our third family...So I am still in the middle :D


Abile said...

Köszönöm a gyönyörű ajándékokat, nagy örömet szereztél vele!

patchwitch said...

Nagyon örülök, hogy tetszett! :D Meg annak is, hogy végül megtaláltalak :D