OUR advent wreath

Thursday, December 11, 2008

When I read Amaranta's idea about posting our wreathes I went and took some photoes. To tell you the truth it was not ready on the fisrt Sunday (it is a shame but think about the saying of the cobler and his shoes....)
Finally I could make it on the 3rd day of Advent...
The ones who visited our MESKA shop or took part in the poll will find it familiar. This year the 'coffee cavalcade' was the first wreath I made and I loved it so much I made one with coffee for my family.
I used my old wretah so it is a bit bigger than the first one I made for the shop. The brown pyramid candles are made of 4 kinds of brown wax. When I make a wreath there are usually 'small stories' which I put on the wreathes.
This one is a city of coffee beans.

First a picture about the whole wreath:

As usual I used only natural things. There is a piece of organza ribbon (yellow/light brown/ golden - we had a disputa about the colour and couldn't agree), it is not bright at all especially on the moss. The beans are sitting on the ribbon everywhere. This is 'cinnamon city', like New York or other big cities with their skyscrapers:

This is the park of the city when the coffee beans can sit on cinammon branches to have a rest:

A huge (and really beautiful) cinnamon with its two little ones:
This is the huge funnel where the coffee beans came from:
And this is the stream of anise. In the coffee city there should be a stream (OK, I live in a city with a huge stream in it :)):

This is part of the coffee tourist forests, it is a typical wood-stack:
I hope you liked my stories about OUR advent wreath. Thank you for the idea, Amaranta!!!

And finally the 11Dec present, a funny and nice piece of fabric!


nagyorsolya said...

Yes, I like the stpry. Good idea for next year ;)

nagyorsolya said...

story, I mean

patchwitch said...

thank you Orsi :D