Back again....

Friday, May 1, 2009

As you see I didn't write in the last days..... I had a school trip which was quite tiring (3 hours sleep per day) then a beautiful trip in Norway with a wonderful company. And I changed my blog template again, the other one simply didn't work. So sorry for the ones who liked it...

And as you see I didn't have time for blogging at all, but I post some of the pictures about the Norwegian trip. Enjoy!

My 'Norwegian mum' (she is a good friend of mine and I lived in her house for the third time this year, she became my Norwegian mum about 4 years ago...) has a cabin next to this lake. Isn't it beautiful?

As you see in Norway it was still snow last week..... I made 2 snowballs immediately :D

Sunset in front of the Sister churches (a famous place we visited several times), here you can see only one of the churches:
And here are both churches:

And the beautiful landscape:
Houses in Mainhaugen (it is something like our Skanzen...there are traditional old houses with furniture and you can go in and try...):

This is a picture I made in one of the houses in Mainhaugen. I will make a quilt based on this pic once:


Ahama said...

Visszavágyik a fjordokhoz? :))

gubike said...

Szimpatikus a munkahelyed.

Kicsoda said...

Csuda jol nez ki!!

patchwitch said...

igen, gubike, ilyenkor én is nagyon szeretem :D