Yay, I can show you a something!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yesterday I gave one of the presents away so I can show you something! One of the three.
Last week I went to a 'fabric shop' for fabric for my classroom decoration and I found this one. It is a 'leather like fabric' which I've never tried before. It was not very easy to sew, but my Mum was so happy it was worth the work.
And I have a black and white bag (which I think I forgot to show here) which I lended to my Mum as they were invited to a Black and White Party. She enjoyed wearing the bag and told me a lot of nice things about it.

When I saw this fabric I got the idea to make the same pattern of that magical fabric. I found a little piece of vanilla leather like fabric which I got in summer (actually it was a really very small piece, it was enough for the two flowers only) plus I used some nice multicolour thread to decorate the bag (leaf pattern - free mashine stitched) The inside part is brown musleen. It was quite a big rush and I made a mistake in the middle which I recognized when I nearly finished the whole bag, so I had to start again.... which made the whole process an even bigger rush, but finally it is ready!

Yesterday I gave it to Mum on her nameday (yes, we calebrate namedays here)
Here are some pics about it. (In real life it is a bit lighter I think)


Quiltin' Sandy said...

What a lovely bag, Doti. I bet your Mum was so happy to get such a nice gift. :~)

Abile said...

Nagyon szép lett!

Anonymous said...

Nagyon szép lett! Holnap, szombaton fogja felavatni a tulajdnosa!!!!!

Nagyon ügyes a D! Büszke is vagyk RÁD Rokonom!!!!

patchwitch said...

Thank you Sandy! I am happy you liked it!

Abile, Falatka, köszi :D Jó felavatást!

Renny's little things said...

Love the bag Doti!!!

Sorry I have not been able to comment lately as my computer was sick and didn't like blogger but it's all fixed.
I will be commenting again!!

Glad to see you are in the advent swap. I will be sending you some mags soon. Do you want me to send over the christmas handmade I am happy to do that for you???

patchwitch said...

Dearest Geniene,
I would be happy but only if you let me pay the prize of the mags. I really do not want you to spend more money on me. I asked them in mail, but haven't got answer yet....
I am happy to read you again :D
And I am also happy I can be in the swap :D

Renny's little things said...

I will get it and put it in the post this week. They cost $9.95 I will email you when I send and we can chat about it then ok.

Glad to be able to comment again and can't wait to get my blog up to date.
Talk soon

Say hi to B from us!!!

patchwitch said...

Thank you very much Geniene :D

We can talk about it in mail :D
(sorry I didn't recognize your comment just after my comment on the forum)

hugs to yours as well,
take care

Lhassa said...

Superbe ton sac !!!