Traditional dyeing party at Kicsoda

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The best thing ever (for me) is to meet other crazy ladies on a Sunday and chatting, eating, loving and dyeing fabric. We used Procion as usual (but we have new plans for the future...hihi...)
This time we decided to dye fabric and yarn (for the knitting ladies :D). I was lucky enough to get a yarn ball from Ahama, so I also tried it.
I had some awful pieces which had a washing acident last time (ah, by the way, Kdatta, I still not have those beautiful spring greens you mixed to me last time so I'll beg you to try again later, too. :)))) so I tried to re-dye them.... with more or less success....

I had a plan to which I needed the colours of the seasons. Well.... I do not feel totally successful but with a little more hep I think I can make those. Autumn is unfortunately nothing, it has no colour, it is too bright. Winter is OK, but has too much white parts. And no spring green... (Kdatta, I told you...without you I simply couldn't mix THAT green...) But summer can be OK.... I am going to change my plans a bit or finding new colours to use.

So Ladies of my beautiful Sunday:
Here are the result as I promised. I took the photoes in morning light, not an absolute sunny place.

The light part with yellows and greens:

Here are the blues and browns, thank you for the help Évi:

And the blue yarn: (they should be really different coloured...)
In real life the colours are much better but I still have probs with colours in the pictures.


36évi said...

Előzör kétségbe estem, hogy mitől olyan világos az a kék, végül csak sikerült rájönnöm, hogy olyat akartunk. Hiába, a memóriám hanyatlik. :)))
Jó a fonal is, nekem bejön. :)

patchwitch said...

szerintem kicsi kopottas...lehetne sokkal kevésbé fakó :)

Kicsoda said...

Csak, hogy a pontosak legyunk thread a csak a cerna, a yarn a fonal, amennyit en ebay-eztem...;-)
Aszinek erdekesek, de a felso sarga kek, az nekem rendben van, meg a kozepso barna is. A nalam levo fonalaid sotetebbek, bar teny, hogy en csak 5-6szor oblitettem es lehetett volna meg.....

Violini said...

Van néhány amit szívesen hazahoznék!