The true story of Eli's bag

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I went to a patchwork camp as I mentioned before. As we were planning the trip to Bulgaria with my B I decided to make something for my friend (now she is our friend) as a little gift when we visit her.

One day we made a bag in the camp and it seemed just the perfect idea... The technique is called crazy which absolutely fits Eli and me (at least the name :D).

So I decided to ask her about her favourite colour (and I was happy to sew something else as orange, as this bag was not for me). When she answered: orange I was just laughing and found several pieces of fabric to take to the camp with me.

On the bag sewing day I started with the crazy pattern after redesigning Évi's pattern (sorry dear, you know I cannot behave properly...) as it should have been a little bag and I wanted to make a bit better one, not only for theatre but everyday use.

I started with the crazy part. I really did not want to make it total orange, I thouht it would be better to combine it with another colour (green) to fit it with Eli's clothes (the ones I saw in Barcelona when we met).

But that was the moment I realized I forgot the green fabric at home... As a solution I went into the centre of Karcag to find green fabric (in THE fabric shop of the town). The shop was closed that day but I really wanted something good, so with two friends we went into a clothes shop and found something green. It was an embroidered blouse which I cut into pieces and sewed into the bag.

Unfortunately I was not able to finish it in the camp but I worked on in at home where I added some fabric I wanted to use (originally).
The hand sewn part was forgotten (as I am always silly in timing), so I had to finish it in the car on the way to Bulgaria the next weekend. And I could finish it just on time: at the Bulgarian border. Here it is:
Enjoy the bag, Eli! :D


Julcsi said...

Ó, hát az az Eli, ez az Eli! Tetszett neki?
(El is felejtkeztem róla, hogy ezt a táskát Bulgáriába szánod:S)

nagyorsolya said...

Like :) It's very nice. Sewing in a car? Is it possible?

mackor said...

óóó, én most a kicsit is minden nap használom... ezt szerencsére nem tudom teletömni mindenfélével. :)
nagyon jó lett ezzel a zöld kerettel...

patchwitch said...

Nagyon is tetszett neki :D ÉÉÉÉDes volt.
Köszi, Maci :D

Orsi, yes, it is. I did the machine sewing part at home and left the hand sewing part.... I can sew everywhere (even on a crowded bus where I am standing...)...
Yes, I am crazy.:D

anyahajó said...

Remek lett, annyira jó színek, meg minden!