To write list and a prize

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ah I have so many things to write about.... I was in two patchwork camps: in Karcag and in Ménfőcsanak, I dyed fabrics with my friends and some nice new ones in Rácalmás. And I have lots of UFOs and some FOs to show you... And I got another prize :D

So the list:
dyed fabrics-pics
Karcag things
Ménfőcsanak things
prize (written)

Now, let's start with the prize :D

Helen (helbel) gave me a prize on her blog... Thank you very much Helen! I know I would have to choose 7 blogs but I had really very much trouble with the other prizes so I cannot choose 7 (I do not want to choose the same people or the ones who already has this award...), I have to skip it this time. But Helen, you have to know I was absolutely surprised as you are a reader of my blog and I really appreciate it, thank you very much again!

(I wanted to cross the word 'prize' on the list...does anyone know how to cross words on the blogger???? blush...blush...)