The bottle-house bag

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I know that some of you remember my bottle bag.... It is a small bag for my mineral water (1.5 litres bottle) during the hot months when I have to carry water. I am economic in a way - I do not like to buy 0.5 l bottles.... and also comfortable - I hate carrying things in my hand... The bag was my invention (I thought) as I never saw anything like that before. But I know I cannot be the only one. Some of my students love that bag. One of them asked me to make her one when she will leave school (it is an important ceremony here in Hungary when students get presents....) It will happen in the future....But then March came....and I got a phone call..... It was a secret call as a surprise birthday party way organised for her as she became 18.... (another important day, the beginning of adulthood here)... I was invited! I was so surprised as I am her teacher and I was in that not-too-big-group around her on the birthday..... wow...So I changed my mind and make her the bag for her big day....It was designed for her.... the colour, the patterns, everything....The blue one is a hand painted fabric (made by me) and I used free motion stitching for that.... It was a big rush (I worked during the nights) but she was so happy.... the bag was worth it.... :D And now she is in a trouble..... she is thinking about what to ask for the school leaving ceremony.... :D