Spring is here at the door

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Last week I let spring in.... We still had the winter wreath with snowman and penguin, but last weekend I finally finished the new one.
My favourite fruit is strawberry so I decided to use strawberries for the wreath. I found some nice ones in Tilda's books. (I love it as some of you know) It was not easy to get a pre-made wreath this spring what made me surprised. Finally I got this very simple brown one which was too small for the spring angel I made. Then I decided to make the swing to the girl so now she is swinging happily.
And some things about the girl: she is also a Tilda pattern but I made her a lot smaller. Her trousers are made from green fabric I got as a present from Maple (a patchwork friend of mine), the jumper is also made of a present fabric (got from my mum's colleague). The cherry one is a Luxembourgian fabric as I call it. I visited a patchwork shop with a kind Lulu patchwork lady who I met through the net and later there personally. The kind owner gave me that fabric because I was a customer from 'so far away'. This fabric was waiting for the perfect project to be used, and I think this is very good because I can see it every spring. This angel is mostly a collection of nice memories for me.
I hope you like the wreath as well. Happy spring!


Kicsoda said...

en nagyon szeretem, mikor igy lognak a tunderek/manok:-) olyan vidam.

36évi said...

Jesszus, nem félsz, hogy lenyúlják???

patchwitch said...

nem, még sose nyúlták le a többit sem... lakik itt a szomszédban egy pitbull-néni, mindig figyel, picit idegesítő, de sokkal jobb, mint egy riasztó :D
azért tetszik????
és köszi Kicsoda, a te elismerő szavaid mindig sokat jelentenek...