Bag for spring

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My friend, A. has a bag. It is not a very nice one, but a simple 'free give away bag of a company'. But the pattern was really interesting for me so I started to think about it.
I designed a Celtic bag. For the handle I used the simple IKEA fabric (black and green). I used a hand sewing technique for the pattern so it took a while (long long time it was). So finally i throw it in a box when I finished the Celtic pattern.
This year before spring came (the official spring of course as the real one is still on its way) I decided to have my Celtic bag so I finished it. I made the pattern (12 pieces I think) and found this Celtic shamrock pattern which I sewed with the 'free style quilting' programme of my machine. (The bottom of the bag has a different Celtic pattern....just for fun!)
And now I wear my new bag happily. My student liked it very much which made me so proud. Do you like it as well?

This is the front of the bag with 2 zips.

And this is the back with the 'old' handle and the mobile pocket on it.


Ahama said...

bizonyám, hogy tetszik :), a kelta minta igazán különlegessé teszi
szeretném majd közelebbről is megszemlélni, eseleg a szm-t is meglesni

kastanie said...

Yes, I do:-)

nagyorsolya said...


Ro Magnolia said...

Wow! I am very impressed. You are very talented. :)

P.S. My husband is of Hungarian descent - both his parents were Hungarian but my husband was born in Canada. We visited Hungary for the first time in 2006. We think it is a beautiful country.

Diane said...

I happened across your blog and enjoyed your post. I love crafting, painting, and just being creative. I am also a teacher. I teach high school English at a small school in Illinois. What grade do you teach?
I'll be sure to visit again.

patchwitch said...

thank you girls :D
Ro Magnolina, welcome to my blog, I am happy you liked Hungary. I jumped into your blog for a quick visit. Beautiful pics were there!

Diane, welcome! :D I am teaching in primary, now ages 7-14 and I have a high school drama group. I am happy to meet you, thank you for your comment, come again :D
I am going to jump to you, too!

ezkriszti said...

Tetszik nagyon. Még egyszer-kétszer megnézem a mintát.

Kicsoda said...

ez nagyon profi kis taska lett es csatlakozom martahoz, valamikor majg kozelebbrol is meg kellene nezni:-)

patchwitch said...

csúnyán szanaszéjjel nyúzom szegényt... azóta szinte le se majd megmutatom a romjait :D

lej619 said...

this is awesome!!

ElizAniko said...

Nagyon tetszik ! De jó lenne megvizsgálni közelebbről !