B's holder

Saturday, February 23, 2008

In my family B is the 'lucky' one who has to go to the post office to pay the cheques every month. We usually have problems with them as we are not the tidiest people on Earth... (worse than you imagine.... I am sure) so by the time he will have gone to the post office some of the cheques disappeared. I decided to make a place to keep the cheques in (actually I made the plans 5 years ago, but I always forgot them....). I know he really wanted something, so I made him this Tildas holder this year.

In Hungary we have 'namedays'. The names are listed in the calendar and you get presents on your namedays just like on your birthdays. My B hates his nameday (or maybe only does not like it) because it is on Valentine's day which is a very pink and red day with full of hearts here.... (not that funny one with those unsigned postcards...unfortunately....) This pinky thing is so far from us, but I made him this holder to make him happy. And he was. Now the cheques are in a safe place and we know where they are.


36évi said...

Na, lebuktál... pedig a múltkor elfelejtettem. :)
Szabad ide írni magyarul egyáltalán?
mert angolul nagyon szarul tudok. :)
pl. tidiest??? Amúgy a többit nagyjából levettem. Majd még jövök gyakorolni... :*)

patchwitch said...

persze, nyugodtan.

Of course, you can...but be brave , use your English :D you need more self-confidence :D
my guests are mostly from Australia (and some from HUngary) that is why I use English, I have already found nice friends on the other sides of the world... But you can use Hungarian if you want. I am happy to have comments.... unfortunately I got only some but not enough.... sigh.... Nice to see you here, enjoy your time in my world :D