Eili' s rose

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I felt so bad I worked on these angels for such a long time I decided to make a little something for Eili. (She was so kind and patient, and wasn't angry with me at all....)
I had just some hours so I made this little Tildas rose....

It is funny. I really do not like pink. But in summer there was a huge bargain in a small shop. They were closing so they sold everything really cheap. It was in a small and dark room, so I didn't see the colours to well. I bought this for the ears of Christmas mice (red ears of course). And when I went out of the shop I realized the fabric was pink. I was not happy at all, but now I really fell in love with this little rose and I thought it suited Eili well.... (I hope she felt the same...:D)

I wanted to post this pic yesterday but I forgot somehow, so I share it with you today.


Anna S. said...

Congratulations!! Actually, I'm making something roses for Sant Jordi. It's a holyday in Catalonia, which the men give red roses to the women , and the women give books to the men. Best regards from Terrassa (Barcelona-Spain)

patchwitch said...

HI terrassa, welcome here on my blog! It sounds interesting.... When is that holiday? I hope to see you again sometimes.