Eili's angels

Monday, February 18, 2008

It is high time to write about my recent projects. I was very busy last week (I was not totally successful, but I could make some pics to share.)

This is the day of the angels. I have a friend who asked me to make two angels. I started them in November but the very busy Christmas and Advent time stopped this work. I have finished them at the end of January but this weekend they were given to two children. They became guardian angels to be with them when their godmother can't be there (she is my friend.).

They are Tildas design so I loved the work very much. They are the same pattern but it is good to see how different they became at the end. Two different personalities - I think.

First I made the bodies from cotton. I used my favourite cheap IKEA cotton. They looked like this:

I made the wings from the same cotton, but different colour. I used hand stitches to make it more "country" style:

And here are the angels in their dresses:

As you can see they are real angels. I could take this photo about them when they were organizing their new nice project. They try to keep it in secret.....
The best thing that the children got their angels during the weekend. As my friend said the bigger one (a little girl) was so happy, she played with it all day. I am very happy to hear this. I have never had a little one to give my dolls to so it is a huge thing for me. It surely made my day happy.

Have fun angels with the children and take care of them!


Christine said...

Ohhhhh Doti your angel dolls are just wonderful! I love them. What lucky children to have these angels "to take care of them". How sweet. I'm sure they will treasure these dolls forever.

Your little package arrived. Thank you so much Doti. My DD's birthday is coming up so it's time to put the little goodies you sent into action. It was fun playing the wrapping game. Thanks again for the little treasures.


Nagy Orsolya said...

Wow, I didn't know that you are this clever. I like the dolls the best, especially these sweet angels. Congratulation! And I did't even know what is your favorite color, your B's favorite fruit, your favorite animal etc. (And nor my G :))So it was fun reading the blog. Thank you, and keep sewing.

patchwitch said...

Orsi,I am happy you enjoyed the blog and keep reading and writing :D