Thank you Christine!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I got a lovely surprise from Christine (my online blogger friend, her link is on the left...). We met through blogs and she sent me a Valentine card and DMC.
And I am sure you can read in thoughts Christine as for my new plan (cross stitch) I need multicolor pink DMC which I never had and you sent me one. Thank you so much! (Ah, and I have to add my stepfather was very happy as he collects stamps especially Canadian and Australian ones, so I gave him the envelope. :D One more thank you!)


Christine said...

Hi Doti,

Glad you got the card. I thought you might like the thread for embroidery.

I'd love to participate in your Pay It Forward but I have too much on the go right now including selling my house and making a long distance move. Maybe later this Spring I can join in.

Have a great day.

patchwitch said...

Christine, you can join now, as you have to send your present in a year only, which means next winter, so I think you can join and then you make your pressies in the next part of the year.... If you join it is my turn to make pressies... :D
And thanks again!

And where do you move?