Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yesterday we had our topic meeting. As you know I am a member of a doll making topic. Our topic had its birthday this week, so we organized our first meeting for this weekend.

It was a really very good one. It is always magic to see your online friends for the first time. We started in a patchwork shop (of course) then we went to the meeting place. We chatted, sewed and ate a lot. Our 'Topic mum' made a speech and we gave and got presents. We decided this present-programme months ago. Everyone who wanted to take part in it made a present. We put a number on each pack and everyone chose a number from a bag. We looked for the present with the same number, opened it and showed it to the others. The extra task was finding out who had made the present.

I wanted to help to the others (as it turned out it was not a huge help for everyone). As they know my favourite colour is orange, I made an orange Tildas dachshund and wrapped it in orange paper....

Here is the doggy I made. I hope the girl who got it was happy with her present.