Thursday, February 7, 2008

This was the job of last weekend... It is time to put it on blog.

So the story began several years ago in high school. On the first day I met a guy there, he was so tall (and I was the shortest in class) I could not see his head. Some weeks later I got to know him (his best friend was my classmate and friend....) and then a long and complicated realtionship started (a friendship I mean) with lots of laugh, fun, sometimes crying on the other's shoulders and lots of 'battles of words' (this is the way we call when 2 people are talking and teasing each other, making jokes on the other, and fighting through words...).

Our lives changed a bit since then, but I am always happy to meet and talk to him. Luckily we have some friends to spend some time with.

And at the end of January this guy had his 30th birthday. We celebrated it a week later just to make him a bigger surprise. In this branch people are nearly the same age, so this time we have lots of 30th birthdays to celebrate. It is a kind of tradition to make a huge and funny birthday programme on the 30th that is why we are busy this year. (And the birthday guys are frightened about the surprises
before their big days....) He didn't want to have a huge party, but as he is one of the organizers of the other parties he couldn't avoid his faith.

An old joke was made on him was in connection with an eskimo. We decided to give him an eskimo, so I started to make it. I have never made one before so I looked for some pics on the Internet and designed this doll.

He is about 40 cm tall. His body is made of cotton fabric. I know he looks a bit strange, I have to be more careful with the pattern I draw (and not forget a piece on my desk and find it only a week later...) I used plush for the trousers and coat, some fur to decorate and a bit of embroidery, too. I never made a hood before so I had a look at my B's new jumper and miniaturized it. I didn't like to sew the fur, but it looked nice so I continued. (There was fur everywhere in the flat, on my clothes and in my nose.....brrrrrr...)

I had pieces of leatherette so I used them for the boots. This was the hardest part of the work. Luckily I had my pincers around and my fingers survived. It is not easy to sew leatherette even with special needle. I am not a fan of sticking things on a doll, but it was impossible to sew fur on the leatherette and I decided to stick it on with hot glue gun.

Finally I browsed the net again and drew some plans for the face. I embroidered it so I needed something simple, only the main characteristics of an eskimo face. I found some nice pics and they helped a lot. This was the best plan so I emboidered on the face with DMC.

I could not be there on the party but I hope he liked it. I got a thank you message from him but we haven't met since then so we couldn't have talked about it.


miss~nance said...

He is very cute Doti. I love his face.

Christine said...

How cute Doti. You did a very nice job. I bet your friend loved him.

Hugs from Canada where we have real Eskimos.

patchwitch said...

Thanks Ladies.... especially the 'real hug'. :D