Summertime - Luxembourg (episode 1.)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

It started 3 years ago. My B asked me to try a game on his computer..... I did.... Then I was so jealous for him to be able to play Guild Wars any time.... Finally I got a second hand laptop and the game on it.... Yay, I was soooo happy! It turned a real hobby as I spent most of my free time with the game. Actually I am not a big player as I get bored of them quite easily.
But GW is another story. I couldn't be bored when playing. It is not a simple game, but an online one with a real community behind. I like the social part. Of course we have a guild. My B and friends made it and later really very nice people joined. Yes, now we have a good European community, a bunch of friends... Three years ago we had our first (small) meeting. I like to see the people behind the computers (as we say the 'real life person'). You make friendships or at least try, talk to foreigners for months, spend your free time with them, know lots of things about their lives and finally you meet them. And that is the best part!
I am so grateful for the inventors of internet to make the whole world a lot smaller. Now I can know people who are far away, I can learn a lot about culture, societies.....
Last year we had the second meeting, this time in Wales and in Bonn as the guys were happy to host us... (I don't mind sleeping on the floor eating supermarket food and having good company with me.... I do not need trendy hotels to feel myself the happiest person on Earth...)
This year we were invited to Luxembourg where three guildies live. 'Hey, let's have another adventure', we said, and jumped into our car. (Last year we did the same, my B drove 2000 kms, so this 1200 seemed nothing...)
Asti, our 14 years old car seemed old enough for such a big adventure as it is a teenager now....
First we (B, Eili and me) went to Bonn again to pick up a guildy and then 'Go to Luxembourg!'. It is a tiny country with only 440,000 people. It is beautiful as it has everything you need, rivers, hills, beautiful trees, lots of bridges and towers, castles and good wine and beer (they said, I am not a fan of alcohol, so I tasted only the 'beer with lemonade' thing which was really nice and even too strong for me.... I had real problems to go up the stairs...)
We spent a wonderful one week there with the guildies, a real international group (Luxembourgians, Hungarians, a Polish from Germany, Serbian, Romanian, Finnish, Welsh).

Here are some photoes of the tour:

The castle of Beaufort with trees
Without trees

The wood

Luxembourg city centre 1.

Luxembourg city centre 2.

The house of the Grand Duke

Luxembourg city

Isn't it a real treasure?
(to be continued....)


Solstitches said...

Doti what a beautiful set of pictures you have taken of your trip to Luxembourg.
It sounds as though you have a lot of fun getting together with your online community.


caninerobot said...
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patchwitch said...

Yes, Margaret, it was a great holiday.... Thank you for jumping in :D