Let's dye!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Last weekend I went for a dyeing fiesta with online patchwork friends into the countryside (into a village called Rácalmás). We stayed in a half-finished guest house which was a very nice and comfy place (yes, really).

I arrived home last afternoon (from the Maths course) and at night I was shopping as I needed some pins, rubber gloves, string etc for the fiesta. I was extremely tired when reached my bed so I hardly believed my alarm was ringing at 6 o'clock in the morning. I had to get up early as all of us made something to eat. I have chosen 'cocoa roll' from my recipe book. It is a quite easy recipe with nice results.

During the pasta part I was frightened.... I was sure I would leave something out because of sleepiness... But at the end it seemed OK so I could start the cocoa cream. At that point I realized that my mashine (the biggest help in the kitchen) broke down so I had to do it with my pure hands. I have never done it without machine before.

Here are the rolls.... They were really delicious...

We dyed fabrics for 2 days. We spent a very funny and tiring time together. Unfortunately I still do not have pics about the fabrics, so wait, they are coming soon.

to be continued....